When joining our creative cult, there is initiation. Its very simple; CREATE, and you’re in. Choose not to create, and you’ll miss it. No blood required, though, it doesnt hurt…


We want the first experience with the creative cult to be unforgetable, and creatively empowering. In order to do so, we plan maticulously for our audinece and objective. Check out some of the original writings below!
Coming from a graphic design background, out team of cultist preppers know how to raise awareness and generate interest in our events. I mean, its called a “C*ult” for goodness sakes! Who wouldn’t want to join? Little do our unsuspecting victims know, we just want to be creative with them… MUWHAHA we have them now!


Real Simple for this one. We wanted to get people drawing without making them feel like it had to be as good as the person next to them. Kids are good at owning their own drawings without comparing to others! So why not some markers and crayons?

The Process

Attendees showed up the night of October 18th at 8:00p to what they only knew as the Creative Cult’s “Induction Ceremony”

Thus, the Creative C*ult was born.