World Building



Imagining and designing new worlds in randomly assigned groups. In this process, our emphasis was on the excitement found in building new place just for you…world building!


The first developemental writing of the world bulding process below, for your reading pleasure.


Images were created & pasted up around town in anticipation of our second gathering. 


Cra-Z-Art makes lead the charge in this exciting, imaginative experience. Markers help the audience feel like they’re revisiting something they’ve done as a kid, which on adds to the expression! Makers also perminant on the canvas, ensuring confidence in the artist’s stroke. Multiply shades helped our participants to layer anbd use lots of colors!

The Process

Attendees showed up the night of November 21st at 8:00p at the local yet to be opened cantina. The only information disclosed to them beforhand is that they would be “World-buidling.”