The Creative Cult provides people a unique opportunity to be creative, and the necessary confidence to explore creativity.

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Reflections of a creative cult.


I walk within this sea of mist- I breathe in the whispers from the shadows lips, I drink from the fountain in the middle of my mind and search once more for those left behind. It is not often such a task can be completed, the phantoms are easily seen- but to bring...


There is something that separates those who achieve consistent success from those who do not, and I should not really say that it is one thing- it is more or less several factors. There is the factor of simple luck which plays a fair part in success, and there is also...

Art is Pain – Art is Pleasure –

A short exposition on the stark emotional opposites you may feel in creating. The following are recent/recurring conversations and happenstances. Art is Pain -  "My mom switches between working life sucking day jobs for money, and being happy as an artist, but broke....


Inside the mind of the dying live I, the thought infinite of the left behind- or rather, the builder of such thoughts. I construct every dying fear that is had by everything that understands its life is fleeting. I was contracted by all who take breathe to teach those...

Soul Crusher

He noticed the residents staring at him. "I'm actually an artist you know." We all laughed. They all prefer to know nothing about him, it's just easier that way. What do you like to do? "I like to stay busy," he said. The sweat soaks his clothes during trash pickup....