A short exposition on the stark emotional opposites you may feel in creating. The following are recent/recurring conversations and happenstances.

Art is Pain – 

“My mom switches between working life sucking day jobs for money, and being happy as an artist, but broke. Right now she’s in the artist phase again.”

Art is done after you’ve already done something responsible with the day. Though it may be what fulfills you most, you must prove that, and ultimately suffer for it.

Art is always a labor of love. Art becomes labor for you must refine it, and pass back over it, and accept criticism, and stand by it, and always in the back of your mind be thinking about what function it serves.


Art is Pleasure –

When you can retreat into creating, and for a short time be cut off from the world in your own place, it is pleasing.

Cartoons and imagination expand the possibilities of what the human world is like. With a medium as childish as play-doh, you can learn to be creative again.

To talk with others and share your world is necessary, for what impact can you know your creation has if it remains in secret? To be received by fellow artists is pleasing. But to hear your work lingers fondly in the minds of your patrons, is to most pleasing.


Through the Pain & Pleasure-

With Love,

Creative Cult Lives