This Final Friday. July 28th. 5:30pm-10:00pm

The Creative C*ult is bringing you a live painting performance with the aim of making the Boneyfiddle District more beautiful. But, not just with the art we create on Friday night. There’s more, and we need your help.

We’re asking for your input! Come to our canvas with a project suggestion that might make Boneyfiddle more beautiful. Donate any amount to the cause, and we’ll paint your idea into our collage. Once all the ideas for a beautification project are on the table ( or the canvas in this matter) we’ll choose a project, and use the funds raised to help see it through.

The Creative C*ult is looking forward to seeing how creative the Boneyfiddle community can be, don’t miss your shot! It’s really this simple;

1.) Suggest a project.

2.) Donate any amount $$$ to the cause

3.) See it painted by the Creative C*ult

4.) Select a project to receive the funds.

5.) Make Boneyfiddle more beautiful.


We’ll see your there. 

With Love, Creative Cult Lives.