The C*ult Con Rundown

Street Art Saturday :: September 2nd
From 2:00pm to 5:00pm

The Creative C*ult will be on 2nd street once again for Street Art Saturday. We will be accepting pre-orders in person for our upcoming C*ult Con as well as explaining what you can expect at C*ult Con.

A lot of hard work has gone into the preparation for C*ult Con- It’s easily our largest, most expensive, and most ambitious project yet. We hope to see all C*ult members in attendance- new and old faces- our goal is to rival the likes of the epic C*marnival we held so many years back. We’d also love to hear what you have to say if you’re not going to be attending C*ult Con, as well as what you think we could do better moving forward, what does this area truly need from a group like ours? All criticisms and opinions will be fully welcome, as they always are.

If you’re not interested in what we have to say, just come down to enjoy the live music, art, locals, and family friendly environment.

Pre-Orders for the event will also be at their cheapest this Street Art Saturday. Refer to the chart below to see what I mean.

C*ult Con Meeting // General Admission Ticket
Eventbrite Cost = 11.54$
Day of Cost = 10$
Street Art Saturday Cost = 8$

Ticket ++ C*ult Comics Collection
Eventbrite Cost = 22.09$
Day of Cost = 30$
Street Art Saturday Cost = 20$

Ticket ++ New C*ult T-Shirt
Eventbrite Cost = 22.09$
Day of Cost = 30$
Street Art Saturday Cost = 20$

Ticket ++ New C*ult T-Shirt ++ C*ult Comics Collection
Eventbrite Cost = 37.92$
Day of Cost = 50$
Street Art Saturday Cost = 35$

Ticket ++ 2 New C*ult T-Shirts ++ C*ult Comics Collection
Eventbrite Cost = 43.19$
Day of Cost = 70$
Street Art Saturday Cost = 40$

September 2nd,  2pm – 5pm
Haskins House 2nd Street
Portsmouth, OH 45662

Can’t go to Street Art Saturday?…
Check out eventbrite for pre-orders of shirts and tickets.


I walk within this sea of mist- I breathe in the whispers from the shadows lips, I drink from the fountain in the middle of my mind and search once more for those left behind. It is not often such a task can be completed, the phantoms are easily seen- but to bring them back to reality requires a journey, one in which you must let go- I am uncertain that preparation will ever be completed. It is said that such feelings will fade, time is the great destroyer whilst only being a concept we’ve invented. Such mortal creatures create rulers for their lives in hopes their predictions will be just right, so that when the hour is at hand, theirs will be empty- and in their head a warm peace. I wish it were so easy to become that familiar with those I choose to seek. I wish I could become one, so that they could instead search for me.

My feet continue ahead of myself- my body lacking, sighing, porous. Inside of my mind I hear them whispering again, this time of the land before death had begun- one so empty that their whispers chill my heart. There is something to be achieved, that much I was certain of, there at least was something to be done, to be had, to be won. Victory does not come cheap to losers like us, victory comes at a price higher than the soul of the winners you seek to destroy. That is the unfortunate truth of the matter, or at least it is what I have witnessed. If we all play the same game, if there is only one spot to win, we all act with superior command, with sharp whit, straining not to be like those around us, striving to be just enough, striving to hear the defeated screams of our enemies, or striding towards our own defeat in self-pitied squalor. There is little for those left behind, nothing for those who give up, pure emptiness for those who have lost, and the terrible knowledge of victory for those who have won. The game was rigged from the start, we were all losers taught to destroy one another for the sake of someone else’s hopeful vision. Those visions forced upon us, which we foolishly cling to, are what will inevitably be our downfall, for they are also our own. As much as we wish to  be our own people, so too do we wish foolish ideas be ours, and we make it so in the mind of our eyes so that complacency is a natural reaction to utter incompetency. This is why I seek answers from those I am familiar with, it is why I must become familiar with all I wish to learn from. It is why I stride through the rotting forests of dead minds, through that sea of mist, from those shadowy lips, and that familiar fountain.

As little as their was left behind in the hearts of those who were, I sense the weight of their deceived nature and beyond all, it is that which is the most crushing to me. The fact that their faces spell the folly of all humanity, the wasteful nature of their collective deaths invented through the necessity of our collective frailty. We leave behind so little in the mind of the comforted dead, but so much in the lives of those who continue to live, an impossibly complicated compounding of corrosive coroners can be credited with constructing such a depressingly destructive force. Something which builds upon itself twice as much as it is, and those constructed do the same until that peak is reached and that wedge is driven directly through the hearts of those who are wishing that death would come swift, for we all will invariably unless it is forced upon us. It is within the nature of the familiar to tell us the truth.

Become familiar with the strangers death to learn the truth of humans success, to learn the ups and downs of life, and to see through the eyes of wastefulness, breathe success, drink your failure.


There is something that separates those who achieve consistent success from those who do not, and I should not really say that it is one thing- it is more or less several factors. There is the factor of simple luck which plays a fair part in success, and there is also the factor of consistency- and even the rules of supply and demand can take part here, simple economics can determine whether or not one will achieve success within any given market with any given idea. Another extremely important thing that should be overlooked for one who can avoid or waive the overhead fee’s involved would be experimentation, the act of trying something different and presenting it to the public as a means of simply doing what needs to be done. This is not the most successful method perhaps, but it does bolster the portfolio of one who inevitably does achieve success, showing the ability to go out there and fail- whilst still keeping spirits high enough to run into a successful event following that failure is an incredibly important skill for any to acquire when attempting to push nearly anything. I would go so far as to argue that a successful event which has happened due to rigorous planning and intense work may be less fruitful than one which had failed but had been put together through experimental means towards a different end-goal.

Let’s delve into that further, why would anyone think that proper planning and hard work should be replaced by mere experimentation? Well- it’s not quite that simple, you aren’t really avoiding work by experimenting- if anything you are making things harder on yourself. Depending on your means of experimentation you could wind up hosting events at strange locations wherein you do strange things, and now due to that experimental subject you have to go out and convince others that it’s a good idea to join you there. You didn’t pick the most popular venue, and you didn’t pick the best time for everyone to show up, but you have to get people there somehow- you have to make the most out of the experimental ideas that you have decided to go forward with. It is that ability that you practice by doing experimental events that you learn to be able to deal with anything that is thrown at you- for if you present yourself with challenges hard enough, and strange enough- you will be prepared for the wrenches which could be thrown into a much better planned event. Convincing someone to trust in your ability to hold successful events, gatherings, or simply to produce the best product for any end goal- will be bolstered by your ability to show how you deal with complex situations with strange answers. You can take the route a million others have taken before and hope that the work that you put into that route places you above them, you can try to be better than hundreds of thousands of others who have been in your shoes before- or you can show the world something new – something strange, and convince them why they need it above that same approach which had been presented to them many times.

There is a level of practiced response which inevitably comes to one who has created something in the same veins as the public has seen so many times before, they will inevitably say very similar things- and take very similar actions in regards to what you have made for yourself. They will rightfully sigh in face of going to another one of the same things they had gone to several times before, and if they associate bad experience with these sorts of events- you find yourself in deeper trouble than previously- convincing them to show up to something similar will be entirely based upon the merit of your ability to convince them that similar thing is in fact different. And it is most easy to convince them of this, when it actually is different. And this isn’t really to say that all experiments you take will be successful or easy to sell to the public, or even that easy to do. But the experiences that you can take with you, from what you learn from the public, from the creators you reach out to inevitably, from the successful nature of the event or its abject failure. These are the experiences that you need to take with you, to build upon- to study its formula. Create for yourself a pseudo random formulaic approach from the ashes of your failures, and the blueprints of your success, and you will find yourself creating things which are fresh to the public and ease your mind with their likely ability to impress.

More important than any of what I just said though, is to do- is to create- and be what you aspire to. If you find the right value in your own work, and convince others of theirs through your own- you will be left with a winning formula. One which will improve your community, even if it doesn’t necessarily leave you in abject adoration and success.

Art is Pain – Art is Pleasure –

A short exposition on the stark emotional opposites you may feel in creating. The following are recent/recurring conversations and happenstances.

Art is Pain – 

“My mom switches between working life sucking day jobs for money, and being happy as an artist, but broke. Right now she’s in the artist phase again.”

Art is done after you’ve already done something responsible with the day. Though it may be what fulfills you most, you must prove that, and ultimately suffer for it.

Art is always a labor of love. Art becomes labor for you must refine it, and pass back over it, and accept criticism, and stand by it, and always in the back of your mind be thinking about what function it serves.


Art is Pleasure –

When you can retreat into creating, and for a short time be cut off from the world in your own place, it is pleasing.

Cartoons and imagination expand the possibilities of what the human world is like. With a medium as childish as play-doh, you can learn to be creative again.

To talk with others and share your world is necessary, for what impact can you know your creation has if it remains in secret? To be received by fellow artists is pleasing. But to hear your work lingers fondly in the minds of your patrons, is to most pleasing.


Through the Pain & Pleasure-

With Love,

Creative Cult Lives



Inside the mind of the dying live I, the thought infinite of the left behind- or rather, the builder of such thoughts. I construct every dying fear that is had by everything that understands its life is fleeting. I was contracted by all who take breathe to teach those who take it for granted the value of their life in retrospect, not here to build upon the worlds they enjoy- or to make themselves fulfill the prospect of their life. It’s hard for me to understand why they fail to grasp such simple concepts- but in spite of all they seem quite capable of it. That is, they are capable of taking life completely for granted until the moment they either experience themselves leaving it, or the thought of such things are thrust upon them- either by misfortune to another they know and hold dear, or due to my own existence- creeping in upon them. Whatever you may call me, I am had in one form or another- only in one who is taken quicker than I can act may they not experience the terror that I bring.

What is it you wish?

Without a second thought you made your statement very clear, when entering my mind- the mind of the one who delivers such news you had one purpose and one purpose alone. That purpose became known when your bow became deep and your voice so rough to speak – Inevitability’. That one word that I believed that I had come to embody, inevitability standing in front of me. That is the skin you wear, so gray and tattered – as a figure in the fog, a silhouette so strong in that swamp of my mind- that is who you are. A perfect mirror to my own mind, a perfect reflection of what it is I had become. But of course, you came for me- wearing my face- to show me who I had become just as I have for so many in the past, so many that I had thought I was enlightening I never even considered for a second that I would be in need of it. But it was clear that I had, for you had came- and that was the only way that you could come. Through that door, that door I knew so well- the door built by time and policed by natural law. There was nothing that I could do to stop your stride, for you were not actually here- it is because I understand the inner workings of my own lives work that I know that you could not exist. For I did not even truly exist, not in any physical form- but to think that even a thought could die after so long- an inevitability of nature would lose its cling towards consciousness unwittingly only to have it cut off whenever all had found a way to deny it. You were the new wearer, one who would teach the living gradually and gently of the loss of their own minds- it was not due to the lack of body function which I had realized so long ago was my own purpose. But it was the inevitable decay of organic material that could not be reversed by any sort of modern technologies that you would come to preside over. Taking my place, ending my own thought- I would enter that same vegetative state now, as I had wrought upon so many in the past. And there was nothing I could do to prevent such things moving forward. I don’t know why it is I feel so sad, to know I was not different I suppose is the reason, but such thoughts as that even seem beyond myself. Perhaps it is not my job to put forth such questions and it most certainly isn’t for me to fulfill them in answer.

Your purpose is clear to me now, as mine is to rot away.

My mind will leave me slowly, as my body decays.

There is not but one who leaves me with such regret.

It is only for the inevitability of death that I kneel to thee.

I prithee take my name with you, at least for yourself.

Whispered to the next successor of your own I had hoped.

But in the end you only whispered your own.


Soul Crusher

He noticed the residents staring at him. “I’m actually an artist you know.” We all laughed. They all prefer to know nothing about him, it’s just easier that way. What do you like to do? “I like to stay busy,” he said. The sweat soaks his clothes during trash pickup. Every kind of person walks the streets, what a collection of souls! There are those here who’ve lost their soul. It’s been crushed by the soul crusher.

J followed in the footsteps of his father and warned of following other’s ambitions. S keeps a straight face when you joke with him. One man has an artistic son. He swears he wont tote his son around with a pop up art display. T is too young to die but wishes he would. Another man was cast in Shawshank Redemption, and listens to movie scores throughout the day. Each person is living how they know, running from the soul crusher.

Painters, industrial designers, writers, state house workers, vocalists, they all end up there in the end. And the end is now. But in purgatory you bide your time and think while you carry things too and fro. He meets a few friends who also know what’s happening, and they team up, covering and moving. Find an empty unit to hide in, because here comes the soul crusher.

Trash Monarch

There are goals we cannot meet, there are times we cannot succeed, there are times when we must fail, there are times when we choose to. There is a constant in the life of one who creates, and that is that failure is an inevitability- even upon the greatest creators of the world who seemed able to do no wrong, in retrospect their greatest creation will seem light-years beyond their worst and their worst will seem a failure even if it is revolutionary. This is not to say that it is okay to fail, but rather that it is impossible to avoid it. No matter where you go the weight of humanity will wear upon you- for as much a machine as we make ourselves to be- the organic nature of our beings will bleed through onto our work inevitably. There will be times where the brain runs dry, but the world dictates it requires more from us, it tells us how to change to become better, and we create pieces the world deems better- but on the inside we resent every brush stroke. We can actively create failures in the process of pursuing success, but in the end only we can determine for ourselves if we have succeeded, and it is this quality of self defeat that can turn the creators inside out and cause self implosion. Where the artist will take the emotional pillars which hold its insides together, the glue which makes it human, and replace it with nothing- simply to feel it collapse in hopes of building something better than who they are from the ashes. There are times when this purge will lead to great art, and it is almost inevitable that it will, but at the same time- such a purge of the self will also lead to great suffering and if the creator is not a phoenix they will only build a pile of their failures from the ashes of their own self destruction.

There is much I can say about this, for I have ripped myself down many times- I may not be a phoenix, but the pile of trash I have built from the many times I’ve blown up on the inside suits me well enough. For the creator who does not rise from the ashes, we must become kings of the trash kingdom we have created, and if we fail to rule over the lands- anarchy will run rampant. It is priority number one to survive this state, if we die in our minds- we die in real life. It sounds really stupid, but I believe this point is true in a sense- if we lose a grip upon what we build in our minds by having our hands wither away to nothing it will be entirely up to the natural forces of our body to keep us in check- and more often than not chance is a cruel mistress, and the pile of organized trash- or even magnificent structures will inevitably be destroyed and dispersed evenly across the floor until a flat grey dust is all that remains. If we stick to life we will always have ourselves, and we will always be able to learn to love the pile of sticks we have, we cannot learn to love those if we have died within ourselves. So I implore all the failures of the world to appreciate the intricacy of their trash heaps, and to not only do this but to become kings and queens within themselves- to become one who resides over the lands and sees to the construction of new monuments of self-reflection. Build something in your mind that lasts a century and it will serve as an inspiration for a century of future buildings- continue this pursuit until you have granted the world a perfect and immortal reflection of yourself. For after your physical form leaves you, and the truth is revealed to you- whatever it may be, your impact upon the world will only amount to what you have given it that no others could. And the true-est reflection of yourself may be the only thing that you can teach the world- especially if you are a failure. Go out and fail, and die, and rot- and let the whole world know what you did- for if you do not, somebody else will- they will not see what you were or what you did, they will not take your inspiration to become themselves and let the world know who they are- and they may die a part of the lonely heart c*ult instead of the creative one. Indoctrinate your fellow human through the successful telling of your failures to the world, inspire them to tell their own- and more important than that- see to it that your failures of creation are gilded in gold within your mind so that fear never enters it when you show it. Every criticism heaved at your golden statue of trash, your great monument of self-reflected failure – is another step towards ever inescapable perfection- and potentially easily attainable success. Slowly your mountains of trash will become inhibited by the most beautiful creatures in the world, creatures of your own creation- from the sweat of your brow grow the crops of the land within your mind- for the beautiful creatures to feast upon and grow and thrive to live over their own slightly better kingdoms of trash.

Become a failure with me, so we can preside over our kingdoms of trash together- and take over the world.

With Love – June of the Creative C*ult

Boneyfiddle Brainstorming.

This Final Friday. July 28th. 5:30pm-10:00pm

The Creative C*ult is bringing you a live painting performance with the aim of making the Boneyfiddle District more beautiful. But, not just with the art we create on Friday night. There’s more, and we need your help.

We’re asking for your input! Come to our canvas with a project suggestion that might make Boneyfiddle more beautiful. Donate any amount to the cause, and we’ll paint your idea into our collage. Once all the ideas for a beautification project are on the table ( or the canvas in this matter) we’ll choose a project, and use the funds raised to help see it through.

The Creative C*ult is looking forward to seeing how creative the Boneyfiddle community can be, don’t miss your shot! It’s really this simple;

1.) Suggest a project.

2.) Donate any amount $$$ to the cause

3.) See it painted by the Creative C*ult

4.) Select a project to receive the funds.

5.) Make Boneyfiddle more beautiful.


We’ll see your there. 

With Love, Creative Cult Lives.

Work as hard as you don’t.

It has come to my attention over this summer that I have successfully managed to stretch myself thin on almost all areas of my life- but at the same time I’ve also realized that despite this distinct lack of time I’m still able to make schedule just fine and I also have not found myself particularly crushed or exhausted- despite the hefty workload and I think this boils down to one very simple formula. The amount of energy you exert versus time for work- needs to be counterbalanced equally by an amount of “Play”- versus time for play.

Let’s assume that you get approximately 8 hours of sleep- and a generous 1.5 hours of eating/snacking throughout the day. This leaves you with 14.5 hours to do whatever- now obviously you need to pay the bills and that leads us to our next problem- well, what I would call a problem- but that is more or less something which is easily solved – how long do you need to work? What I would argue is that you need to find the perfect balance between working to gain resources of slightly greater value than what you currently would spend- significant enough to cushion you should you need any immediate funds. Let’s assume you split things up relatively evenly with your 14.5 hours- You do 7.25 HRS of work per day on average and 7.25 HRS of “Play”- That multiplied by 7 gives you 50.75 HRS of each- If you work 5 days a week you work approximately 10.15 hours a day with 3.85 hours outside work for “Play”- And then 14.5 hours for two days a week for “Play”- I would argue that this is one of the most ideal situations- as it allows a deceptive balance between work and “Play”- whilst still making It feel like you get a lot of time to do what you want over the weekends- Or whatever day it is you manage to get off. Very manageable, this however- ignores entirely the intensity of the work at hand. Perhaps you’d like to make more than enough money to sustain yourself- so you decide to work a very hard job, it’s exhausting but it pays the bills very well. The 3.85 hours of “Play” during the five days a week is almost immediately absorbed into time that you need for your body to physically recuperate from work as well as handle chores around the house- This means that those 14.5 hours you spend doing actual “Play”- Over the weekend are suddenly VERY important- in that you need to be getting enough recuperation mentally and through joy- to refuel your tank for another taxing week. You need to be able to “Play”- at minimum as efficient as you expend mental and physical energy to be able to sustain your job over a long period of time without decaying into a sort of mental drone… You would have to do this less vigorously if you work less- though having a significantly higher “Play”- than work- will lead to you experiencing too much rest and lead to inevitable stagnation- the balance here is an incredibly important thing for you to achieve. Doing this will allow you to achieve a zen state, the black and white will be in balance- if you “Play” right- But… What the heck does it mean to “Play”- Anyways?…

OKAY SO- Playing, to those who would understand it can mean a whole lot of things- and it will almost never be something that is consistent as working can be- you CAN schedule to be as easy but it may diminish the quality or necessity of play. Play can consist of any or all of the following watching T.V, playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends, Drinking and Hanging Out, Playing Video Games, Going out to watch a new Movie- , going on a vacation to an amusement park, any hobby you find enjoyable, going to a concert, and even participating in a Creative C*ult meeting (TM TM TM TM TM TM)….. All jokes aside, it should  be easy after you come up with a list of things that you enjoy to do, things you enjoy spending your time on, to figure out which ones will be best balanced and where you should arrange them according to which one is going to be the most relaxing and refueling to you- and fun- balance all of those values to create a list and perform that list based upon your needs. Don’t overload anything in particular- and if you find yourself overloading a lot you may want to either put some more work on yourself- or  try to find a way to work a little harder.

As far as being able to tell when you’re getting too much of one or the other- when you’re at a “Play”- moment ask yourself if you dread the coming work that you have- are you enjoying yourself- Do you sleep well enough? – If you fail to sleep well, you are quite possibly working too hard, if you find yourself completely bored with “Play”- you may be very well not working enough. It’s a difficult thing to find balance in this life, and it’s not something that I can say I’ve ever been able to maintain too well- but in my opinion- it’s something worth pursuing.

That’s all for me this week. Sorry I’m a bit late- Hope you enjoyed or took SOMETHING from this.

W/Love-  From June of the Creative C*ult Lives. </3

Exercise as a Means of Being More Creative

Exercise (when used intentionally) alters our state of mind, and can lead to creative outcomes. 

Today I drove 2 hours back into Portsmouth from Columbus, Ohio. My legs and mind where heavy, and I felt like laying about while the night wasted away. My plan initially was to work upon returning to Portsmouth tonight, but where am I to find the motivation after a long days work? After some time in quiet to read and reflect, I resolved myself to go outside and run.

Before exercising, I was clueless on the topic of my blog today, and uninspired to write it. Post exercise, I was tired, dripping in sweat, and full of ideas to write.

What about exercise inspired a creative act?

This inspiration was not just exercise, but an,  “Altered State of Consciousness.” A new frame of mind is a powerful tool in creating inspired and fresh works! Consider the obvious and more subtle advantages of exercise (especially rigorous exercise) such as;

1.) Overall health and wellness.

2.) endorphin release (heightened awareness)

3.) “positive distraction”, or an act that is not explicitly on task, while still contributing in some way to the task at hand.


But of course, their are many other ways to make an, “Altered State of Consciousness.” Consider the following ideas, and how they impact a new way of thinking:

– conversations with new and interesting individuals

– travel to new places.

-activities that require your full engagement.

-the art of others: video-games, galleries, writings, performance.

To encounter an altered state of consciousness, you must find something that immerses you, or challenges you, or makes you uncomfortable, OR ALL 3. This state of mind is most valuable in creative pursuits because it can broaden you thinking, and help you to approach problem solving from different angles. The greatest detriment to your creativity is to constantly be unchanged, and stagnant in the same vacuum of influences all the time.


Creative minds of all sorts fine processes that optimize creative performance. Exercise is often a key part of this process. Here are a few creative minds that exercise I know of Personally, and their procedures. 


Chris Do:  Ceo of “The Futur,” and “Blind Studios,” both notable design agencies in Santa Monica California. Chris does calisthenics with his team after lunch everyday to optimize creative energy levels.

Bastien Lecouffe: Bastien, a digital fine artist for Wizards of the Coast, has admitted in his classes at Shawnee to doing pushups on every hour in order to stay focused.

Laine Raiser: An influential man in the start of the creative cult, and the most creative man I’ve ever know. His favorite time in the day was often landscaping  and digging up rocks on his steep hillside. He spent nearly 1,000 hours on a few of his watercolor paintings.

Tony Robbins: In a ted talk on his success, Tony provoked the crowd to, “exercise and have an edge.” Implying that there were advantages to stepping away from work for a moment, and being good to your body.

Peter Chan: Concept artist for Double Fine Studios, and other massively popular works such as Monsters Inc. (University). Peter lives centralized in a forest. He advocates the benefits of walking through nature in order to gain to insights on projects.


What’s the take away then?

Exercise and Diversify. You’ll be more creative for it. Try taking a brisk walk for 20 minutes the next time you’re up against a computer screen for too long. Don’t take that notepad with you this time. Just walk, breathe, and observe. Let your subconscious do the rest.

What’s incredible about being open to new stimulus and altering your state of consciousness is that most often what seems the least likely to help solve a problem ends up being a crucial component of your process.