Can we be certain about anything, and do we need to be? – Well, we can certainly be certain about some things that are uncertain and the fact that they are such. But it is unnecessary to say that for that is already easily graspable by most everyone- what is truly interesting is what we may find to be certain within that which would not commonly be easily seen as being certain. Or rather- to find certainty within that which we are certain is uncertain.

Worry, worry is a common theme among humanity- and this is commonly rooted within uncertainty or more specifically that there is an element within uncertainty that we think may uproot our lives in some way and spoil our day or coming days. It is hard to say exactly why it is that we transfix upon the bad with such intense degrees even if the good is something which statistically speaking would more or less be certain. Even in cases where we are 99% sure that we will be fine, that 1% can easily become something like 50% in the mind of one who worries consistently of the future. Or perhaps it already is 50%, as a coin-flip to determine the nature of the events in your own future- what could you possibly do to find comfort in this scenario?

As with most weeks of my blog entry I would like to state that the following ‘solution’- is merely a hypothesis- it is nothing more or less than something to give a go. I find myself commonly worrying of that which may or may not be certain and as such would love to give a whirl at a possible solution so here we go.

Unlike last weeks blog I believe that we need to be entirely more mental about this approach, rather than trying to trick our brain into believing that things will be okay in the future- or making it so that they likely will be- we should rather focus upon the statistics involved around the future of oneself and just how many ridiculous good and bad things there are. Yes- this is much like trivializing the problem- but I argue that there is something far more creative to be seen within it that we can utilize as an inspiration to turn our unlikely or even likely future grief into art.

An unlikely turn perhaps?- But what else are creative cult members to do than create art out of the dark woods of the uncertain future. Prithee travelers, adventurers, and great slayers of demons listen carefully. Imagine the greatest statistical anomaly that you can feasibly gather within your minds about any uncertain event which has you worrying, make sure that it is manic- that it is mad- that if you were to spout this as truth you’d be seen as manic as any homeless one speaking of a coming alien invasion.

Allow me to demonstrate with the following hypothetical situations in which uncertainty may or may not be involved. –

Let us say that you are awaiting a mechanic to tell you the cost of fixing your car- you don’t have a whole lot of money and are likely going to need to borrow from someone you’d rather not, or take some sort of ill fated loan out- regardless it seems all signs point towards the darkest conclusion- perhaps it will be far greater a cost than you can even cope with and you will be down a vehicle again. What could you possibly do to cope with this future!- This uncertainty! – Oh, well- how about we try that method mentioned above… What sort of ridiculous irregularities could spawn impossibly from this mechanic calling you back- The more light the better of course, but to each his own- maybe it is darkness which makes you happy- but I’d say in that scenario the likely negative consequences may be enough to amuse you on their own. But that is not what we are here to speak of, or I am at least- let us think for a moment…

The first step of this process should be to analyze the key players, personify them if you have to- in this particular situation- there is you, the mechanic, and your car. Simple enough yes?

The second step should be to change these elements in some way, transform the characters – each individually before you imagine a scenario. The mechanic could instead be a cook- you could be a customer at his restaurant- and the car could be a meal that is getting prepared. You can already sort of see where I’m going with this- but it doesn’t all have to connect either, let us put forth a second set of transformations, perhaps the mechanic is a stereotypical bandit from the old west, your car is the president of the united states, and you are a polar bear. Completely random living things- just good fun.

The third step is to follow what would naturally occur from this, an application of the events into a description of what could happen. Let us take our first series of characters and imagine a simple scenario- The Mechanic = Cook, You = Customer, Car = Meal, – You have ordered a steak, and the scene is set where the cook has personally delivered the meal to you- the cook goes about explaining how much trouble he had preparing the meal and all the unexpected things he went through when cooking it- how the stove was broken and had to be fixed- and the salt shaker needed a new lid- and in the meantime the steak itself had gotten cold- he then proposes that you pay for all the repairs as well as the meal – you are wearing some fancy clothes at this high end restaurant and are staring the main with an eyebrow raised- a simple sigh from yourself indicates your displeasure with the situation. Notice that we still incorporated the scenario your are going through within the ridiculous exaggeration demonstrated by the characters, this is a simple way of turning your situation into a piece of art. Of course- you are thereby distracted by it so that the actual reality of the situation hits lighter upon you and the weights are lessened by humor and obscurity. We can do the same thing with the second set of transformations, Mechanic = Old West Banding, Car = President of the United States, You = Polar Bear- The scene shows a newscaster in an arctic tundra where snow and wind is blowing cold- their breath is visible as they hold a microphone up to your face- you being the polar bear- and are asking you a question- ‘Mr/Ms/Mrs- Polar Bear! – The president has just been shot by a time travelling bandit straight from the old west!- It’s said they are going to need you to find a replacement and arrange the funeral for the president. – How do you propose to do all this from so far away?’ – and you being just a polar bear are sorta just sitting there confused. Of course- this is more abstract, the situation it refers you to is one where the mechanic says your car is irreparable without spending more than its worth- a funny situation in which you must dispose of your dead car in some way- this rather unfortunate scenario is completely made light of- and by the time your done representing this scenario in whatever way you see fit- I’d recommend- pencil and paper and attempting it in a comic book style, or done digitally if you have the tools. But even writing this scenario would be fun.

The third step is quite long, but the fourth would simply be putting it into action- do the art required to convey the situation to a reader who might not know about it.

The fifth is to show it to everyone you can!- Unless the result ends up being really personal I’d highly recommend you show around your finished product- it’ll really do you well to have your situation trivialized by the laughs of others viewing your abstract concept of it. Or the praises or criticisms involved with it- whatever it takes to get your mind off of it, or not thinking about the uncertainty involved with it.

I feel like at the end of an exercise like that you’d have a hard time not enjoying the end result- being just that slight bit more creative for the day, flexing and working those art skills- and just generally getting your mind off things.

Keep the creative brain polished my friends- the c*ult requires your cooperation in these matters. Live long and prosper V, W/Love June- of the C*C