I have a somewhat short one today, but ya know… Just- Uh… Take what you can get right?…


If only if only those mean voices would stop, those emotions would flop- the eyes would drop, their brains would open, my vision be clear!- Open your eyes people, my brilliance- it is here! Do not be fooled by misplaced technical mishaps, do not be fooled by your misunderstandings. Like a knife in my back if you cannot see what I make so clear, like writing on the wall- may the different language be read, please oh please! To slay the voices in my head….


We have to let eyes see work, we have to see value in all- for if not we do injustice towards reflections by mistreating them all. If they are not seen as equal in parts we disobey the lowest and highest ends of the spectrum. For it is they who understand better than most that there is a message to be read and analysed in every stroke of the brush, and even the most off-putting of work has an intrinsic value due simply to it’s existence even if it seeks to deny others of their own. Even if the piece is created to spite those who read its message, or in complete try to break those who see it glancing by. It is important that we destroy our friends dreams, it is important to build them up, it is important to speak to what you see and not to lie. For if you lie, you offer less than any passerby could offer. You may have your heart in the right place, but it lets out only sludge when your mouth remains zipped or you speak of a piece that does not exist. Either way you are saying the equivalence of nothing. Even if you must say it alone, by yourself, in a room devoid of sound you must offer your honest thought to the air- to yourself at the very least.

This is what I’m trying to say really, criticism is important- the artist may not understand this, so start there… Tell them what they need to hear but let them know that you are creeping in to their mind- let them know the value of criticism before it is ever offered, encourage them as best you can to create, and if they cannot hear your knowledge- that may very well be a shame- but that knowledge is still important for those who can hear it- and most importantly for thyself. For if it is you that understand the writing on the wall and wish to correct its posture in your head- you can finally construct these things aloud- these structures- these ramblings to become a building- a monument to what you understand- or what they do not. Take passion from these words you have to say, if you have to keep them inside, plant them in the ground inside your mind- the artist has given you a gift, even if you cannot give it back to them, even if they have their ears melted shut, plant that seed of knowledge in your head, nurture it propery and let it become the writing proper, clear enough to impart knowledge on another. As with the horrors in my previous writings who saught to take over the world, so too do we wish this virus like effect with our art, become infectious by using the passion found within every piece of art that you read and digest. Because the digestion of information is an extremely important part of this meal of art- wherein we dine upon the cadmium red.

So let yourself know what you need to know, if not for the artist to hear- let it be properly digested in your head. Imagine fully their vision- as clear as you can- and build from that a wonderland, because if this construction can become clear- you can achieve the greatness of every wonder you see. Put good within you, devour it alive- and what you release may be able to reflect this.

Digest properly the writing of the painters masterpiece.

See fields within musical landscapes.

Hear the angelic melodies of the written words.

And feel every emotion they offer, magnified from within- explode it outwardly in whatever way you can. Digest it all, put the good inside your soul so that you may dump it back out for the rest to digest. As a mother bird to her children, let the artist chew and spit into your mouth even indirectly.

Was that clear enough?…

I think that was clear enough…. – Enjoy.