The empty gallery disturbs the bear and his colleague and as they wait impatiently an hour before the nights activities. The most pressing concern on the mind of the bear is how cold its fingertips had become. “The crew goes down with the ship,” they remarked jokingly, but still in that moment completely serious. The cat looks at the bear and continues, “whats the lowest amount of people that we’ll accept to continue on the nights activities.” The bear replied, “We only need 3.” One subject for each pile of trash.

Time passes like a train in the distance. All 6 of the creatures presently watching in agony to see if it will stay on the tracks and be of a positive outcome. A few bystanders trickle in. First 1 then 5 then 10. Relief comes in a small form. The creatures are happy to see some old faces and a few new ones. The nights activities don’t start for at least another 20 minutes but the place of meeting has an odd attractive quality to it. It beckons for those outside of it, calling…….C….R….E…..A….T…..I…..V…..E…..C…..U…..L……T….C…..O….M….E…..T…H…..

Those who heard the call where of the strangest variety. Why is it that some hear and some do not? Why could it be that some who are pressed the hardest to come do not ever appear? The Bear, Cat, Death, and Heart reach out to all who will listen but for a moment saying join us in this good thing. Be creative and learn and grow. But truly a select few listen. That’s quite okay, and odd non the less. Some whom the creatures have never invited end up by happenstance at the monthly meeting. What sort or coincidence is this? Could it be that it is not coincidence at all, but instead, a make-up of the human in attendance. Perhaps a certain daringness, bravery, or impulse may obligate the individual to come. No matter the initial response of those inquiring to attend with their reassurances, “yes i’ll be there!” or “I wouldn’t miss it!” In the moment, When the clock strikes 8. The truth is revealed. Great or small the group is ready. Ready to Create.

Without hesitation they throw themselves into the unknown. At the request of the group known as “Ka-mar” the attendees jumped at the opportunity to construct great creations from the most modest of materials. Groups of nearly 20 melded together into the brain of one 40 armed leviathan to build such a delicate interpretation of their perspective.

The music of a great sound giver played his selected tunes and watched on as the people made the valueless, valuable. Each person took the challenge to heart, knowing that they were to represent their own creativity and ego, yet, giving it to others around them, sharing in the pursuit of learning and friendship. True community.

The “Ka-mar” watched each student with eyes of adore. Their success is our success. Your creativity is ours. We are more than thankful for all of you to participate in what had given us freedom just a short time ago, and continues to do so to this day.
In the revealing of the objects created, fulfillment of the process was sufficient and complete.

It was then that the Creative C*ULT knew more than ever that what was happen was a true connecting of seemingly unrelated individuals into real community. Where all individuals began to value exploration and openness and play and creation, together.

The Bear and the Cat and the Reaper trailed back to a loft hide-away and began to plot for what was to be done next about the surreal experience they had just lead. The Bear and the Cat recounted each good happening, and related each to the way things used to be. Using those past events not to lean on but to build from and move forward. They talked of plans for the future as if there where ever events solidly known before. Still the plans seem good for now.  The creative monster lives deep inside. Waiting to spring and be unleashed  for more meetings in the future.

The C*ULT lives and breathes. It sits dormant until beckoned again, always ready to feed. The faces of those creatives are ones we love to read. Creativity is a worthy venture friends, we can show you but cant make you believe.

Thank you for 3 successful Creative C*ULT thus far friends.
Another to come in February.
C*MAR loves you .