Let’s talk about something else…

There is a time and place for everything, and yet- even knowing this we all find time for nothing. If it is true that everything does indeed have a time and place it is incredibly unlikely that nothing would be so prevalent in the day to day. However, it is more often than not that we live in a state where nothing is what we desire above the rest. Even those who own more than everything will look to their possessions wishing only themselves to be nothing. As if a lack of existence can somehow elevate themselves to a greater plane of happiness. It is not right for me to say how and why these creatures come to exist, or even propose that you might be one of them. I am only here to take an analysis of the nothing that is commonly desired among those who have, rather than the everything desired by those have nots.

What exactly is it to be in a state of nothing? Well, I think it is more accurate to call this state of nothing, a lame state of everything- for that is more or less what it is. What those wanting out of life at a higher tier of worth desire isn’t rightly that their possessions should evaporate, but that they should be left alone with their possessions. It is as if they wish olden times upon themselves, to be buried with their treasures dead to the world and appreciated as much as the tombs of Pharaohs. How exactly this thought enters the mind is unknown, perhaps it is after longing for something so long that once it comes into contact with their flesh their mind becomes numb. It is the expectation that nothing would ever be achieve that causes the mind to depart, that desires nothing more after that something than their lives to be enveloped by their achievement. It is at that height of existence for them that petty distractions such as those intended to better their skill become a plague, as much as those who would distract them with social interactions and the liking’s of these.

I know not what has become of myself in this situation, I know no what I have and feel for nothing, but I know it is only a lie that I possess which tells me nothing is felt- for self improvement has met me even in this state of nothing. My brain has twisted and developed tentacles in this state, a lack of oxygen met it when I pumped it full of various drugs. I am the fool, a trickster tricking my brain into believing it is something that it is not. Into believing I am something that I am not, whilst my body withers away into nothing. When you avoid handles as if they were poison and sunlight like critics gaze, you become but a pastry inside rotting till expiration date. What should this pastry want but to be eaten alive and tormented apart by demons tongues and teeth- . Oh? Oh my it is true, we all desire this death when the sunlight touches us as much as our physically manifested desires. Ah, if only my mind had eyes to see the empty insides of my skull, I could let in the blood in that organ and my tentacles out my nose- to feel for a better reality. To crawl out in the sun and manifest desire down the line, in a place the inside of my skull could never perceive- a place beyond this dimensional plane. What is it that makes me desire something outside of everything which exists.

It is nothing that makes me desire something, and something which makes me desire nothing- I wish you all to come together to form the nothing I’ve always wanted to be so that my passionate desires for everything can come over me again. Don’t let my soul become pastry- don’t let the demons eat me alive, I wish to live in the sun- whilst desiring everything- my desires to become nothing.

Please understand- do not misconstrue, it is not a sick desire to rot away in death I wish. I wish only to be as light as gas in solid desire as wood- floating along the river to a better reality. We all want that too, I can see it in you- whether it is everything or nothing, or it is both. I know that you want it, that’s why you ever woke up. And if you didn’t, I only wish that you find something that we seekers cannot.


Forever seek and don’t exist, let the c*ultist blood flow through you and keep our love closer than your mothers. xoxoxoxo