There is something that separates those who achieve consistent success from those who do not, and I should not really say that it is one thing- it is more or less several factors. There is the factor of simple luck which plays a fair part in success, and there is also the factor of consistency- and even the rules of supply and demand can take part here, simple economics can determine whether or not one will achieve success within any given market with any given idea. Another extremely important thing that should be overlooked for one who can avoid or waive the overhead fee’s involved would be experimentation, the act of trying something different and presenting it to the public as a means of simply doing what needs to be done. This is not the most successful method perhaps, but it does bolster the portfolio of one who inevitably does achieve success, showing the ability to go out there and fail- whilst still keeping spirits high enough to run into a successful event following that failure is an incredibly important skill for any to acquire when attempting to push nearly anything. I would go so far as to argue that a successful event which has happened due to rigorous planning and intense work may be less fruitful than one which had failed but had been put together through experimental means towards a different end-goal.

Let’s delve into that further, why would anyone think that proper planning and hard work should be replaced by mere experimentation? Well- it’s not quite that simple, you aren’t really avoiding work by experimenting- if anything you are making things harder on yourself. Depending on your means of experimentation you could wind up hosting events at strange locations wherein you do strange things, and now due to that experimental subject you have to go out and convince others that it’s a good idea to join you there. You didn’t pick the most popular venue, and you didn’t pick the best time for everyone to show up, but you have to get people there somehow- you have to make the most out of the experimental ideas that you have decided to go forward with. It is that ability that you practice by doing experimental events that you learn to be able to deal with anything that is thrown at you- for if you present yourself with challenges hard enough, and strange enough- you will be prepared for the wrenches which could be thrown into a much better planned event. Convincing someone to trust in your ability to hold successful events, gatherings, or simply to produce the best product for any end goal- will be bolstered by your ability to show how you deal with complex situations with strange answers. You can take the route a million others have taken before and hope that the work that you put into that route places you above them, you can try to be better than hundreds of thousands of others who have been in your shoes before- or you can show the world something new – something strange, and convince them why they need it above that same approach which had been presented to them many times.

There is a level of practiced response which inevitably comes to one who has created something in the same veins as the public has seen so many times before, they will inevitably say very similar things- and take very similar actions in regards to what you have made for yourself. They will rightfully sigh in face of going to another one of the same things they had gone to several times before, and if they associate bad experience with these sorts of events- you find yourself in deeper trouble than previously- convincing them to show up to something similar will be entirely based upon the merit of your ability to convince them that similar thing is in fact different. And it is most easy to convince them of this, when it actually is different. And this isn’t really to say that all experiments you take will be successful or easy to sell to the public, or even that easy to do. But the experiences that you can take with you, from what you learn from the public, from the creators you reach out to inevitably, from the successful nature of the event or its abject failure. These are the experiences that you need to take with you, to build upon- to study its formula. Create for yourself a pseudo random formulaic approach from the ashes of your failures, and the blueprints of your success, and you will find yourself creating things which are fresh to the public and ease your mind with their likely ability to impress.

More important than any of what I just said though, is to do- is to create- and be what you aspire to. If you find the right value in your own work, and convince others of theirs through your own- you will be left with a winning formula. One which will improve your community, even if it doesn’t necessarily leave you in abject adoration and success.