Whinchester ‘the ugliest pup’ is a wandering pug. He spends his day walking, away from the fuss and any hub-bub.

When he got his job at Wendy’s he did it for the pay. The manager appreciated his good work ethic, but they were losing customers everyday.

Customers became so panicked when they ordered their food. For the last thing they expected was a wrinkly, furry, bug-eyed face, waiting in window two.

Whinchester that ugly, ugly, pug, did his best not to startle. But he got nervous and clumsy and his soft barks came out garbled.

You see, by very great misfortune, some would say, “the worst luck in history.” Whinchester uttered an utterance that is still to all a mystery.

Whichester’s garbled sound by an act of God formed a human sentence. One so sinister and dark it would lead any sane man to repentance.

It was an accident dear friends! The poor chum had no idea what he said! He’s a dog for goodness sakes, he has not a human word in his head. But………that civilian….who heard the demonic phrase of Whinchester’s at the drive through window…..it’s a wonder he’s not dead.

The hearer upon hearing ripped his car in gear, and slammed his peddle on the floor. For a quarter mile he accelerated, straight into Burger King’s front door.

The line of people inside ordering their burgers somehow saw the impending doom about them and scattered. For if they hadn’t, rest assured, they would all be splattered.

Whinchester was fired that very day, for a crime of random chance. “We need human workers who don’t hypnotize our customers,” said the manager, “not ugly dogs who can’t wear pants.”