Winchester the ugly pug did his best to play the part. He worked all day and toiled most nights attempting to make art.

But he was criticized most seriously, for he could’nt look the part. “You’ve got to be good looking enough to sell this stuff, its useless to just have ‘heart’.”

You see, good Winchester was no business man, just an enthusiastic maker. His life coach said that art was an ‘impulse buy’ and that he should consider becoming a baker.

Winchester shook off the insult of his character. His ugliness and awkwardness where ¬†part of who he was, and gosh darn it if art was his passion than he couldn’t give it up. At least, not for being labeled an ‘ugly pup’. If those who doubted him saw his surrender, they’d feel of themselves all the better. So winchester thought, no…….not ever.

This ugly, determined little dog knew what he needed to do. He’d do the jobs that other wouldn’t, the jobs that artists greater and more skilled where too prideful to do.

And If the patron isn’t happy with the first, well then, ill do two. Soon enough, when enough people see my work, they’ll see my craft as true. I’ll be “joe shmoe” and people they may laugh.

Perhaps they may think I’m the fool for doing things that don’t pay out. But surely there is more tangible value to be had than what’s found in an account.

Of course, Winchester is a dog, and all these thoughts remained in his head. He couldn’t talk-up his skill or talents so he’d just start the work instead.

All the great art talkers where befuddled by his methods. Is time no object to that fellow Winchester? Surely he’ll pay for bad business ethics. No estimate?? no contract???? Why!….I bet he starves to death.

Winchester took no warning, for he was a dog and could not perceive the words of fellow humans so he took none of their grief.