Sometimes I forget my place in the universe and feel insignificant as a collection of sentient matter, however- I know in times like this- that it is the joyous emotion which allows me to know at the end of my life, whatever is to follow me- I shall meet it with a smile on my face. For I have been granted enough sentience to feel happiness, and to hold it within me for some time- to understand what it is and bask within it in moments of emptiness.



It is not that emptiness does not have value, or that any of those emotions or analysis within them could be lesser than joy- but that the operation of achieving joy through fun is what grants the feeling and emotion a sort of higher level of joy. Fun is something of a vague operation, something which can be derived through many actions- but also could be destroyed through those same operations taken simply under a different light. So it is taking things in the light of fun, through the operative goal of achieving fun that we should approach any given task- anything, and if we cannot- we should archive moments of grand happiness just on the edge of that task as to give us joy to look forward to.

Of course, that’s easy enough to say- but how do we do it?… How do we re-initiate the initial drive we feel within ourselves when we start a project- when we truly have passion for a project. What- do we do, when our long hours that melt away quickly turn to agonizing hours in which every tic of the clock strikes a bell in your head until you grow entirely crazy and passion leaves- forcing you into the position of either abandoning your task- or taking it on at a snails pace, ineffective- and that is of course ignoring the fact that all the while you are going through a sort of emotional turmoil. Of course, this is a dramatization- for the average I would simply say to recollect any time in which a task you had been forced to do was boring- but mandatory- and you had not something to look forward to following the task. It is of course in situations like this where it is most important to transform the mundane into fun.

So, imagine that you are beginning the task at hand- one in which you dredd towards the beginning, a dark foreboading sense of the workload ahead of you intercepts your deseires- you find yourself struggling to begin, to make significant progress- and check the time- only to find that a mere three minutes has passed since you began- or at least attempted to begin….. What- Can- Be- Done?…. Well- it largely depends upon the job, with some of them- this could be easy… Flip on some music, get into your own personal zone- and remember to play it fast and loose- let your mind slip into obscurity- allow each action you take to be magnified in the act of both simplicity of feel and complexity of emotion. You should take personal interest in each movement, but at the same time allow it all to fail without attatchment, to find yourself in the position of both a creator and one in tune with the reality of their positions. The humble maniac- is what I believe is most important to achieve- someone who is creating an environment of insanity- one in as creative a way as able, but then contained in such a way that the insanity which pours from yourself find a way to dissipate without emotional attatchment…

I ramble, incoherently at times- and I do apologize, but what I mean is to take things less seriously. Don’t walk into every art piece looking to change the world, don’t approach every piece as if it is your magnum opus- It has value of course, but let others find their value within it- find your own value in the act of making it, in the act of rambling with your mind- explode into far corners of the world within your mind. It is this act of creating from pure insanity, from delusion- from the joy within creating it iself that you will find your peace and joy. – A feeling complimented by the end of your work- leave room for disappointment – let your work be the product of happiness- let it be the product of joy.

It’s difficult to say how to apply this- sometimes it will have to be in an appreciation of the value of what you do, if what you do requires immense focus towards a goal someone else set out for you. than that is what you must do- sometimes it is best to simply arrange to release and imbide within fun after a long boring session- if you set up something exciting you could also effectively melt time away and then experience that great fun towards the end.

Something like this, something like that- I continue to delve further and further into insanity.

I’m not sure how much longer I can continue to do this- to feel and think that there is something worth achieving in the end. I’m not sure how much longer I can continue to do this, it’s hard to say but it feels like I just keep repeating myself. But that’s really just hard to say.

Fun fall from the fragrent flapjacks of flying fun to further the facts of forever flat farfetched foreigners

That’s where we are- let yourself go, let it all go- become something that you once were- live in a moment where a smile was on your face- where happiness was what you knew and the time melted away due to this fact.

I’m not having enough fun with these…


Next week I will have more fun – Sorry for the mess. W/Love, June- C*ultist Extraordinaire