Inside the mind of the dying live I, the thought infinite of the left behind- or rather, the builder of such thoughts. I construct every dying fear that is had by everything that understands its life is fleeting. I was contracted by all who take breathe to teach those who take it for granted the value of their life in retrospect, not here to build upon the worlds they enjoy- or to make themselves fulfill the prospect of their life. It’s hard for me to understand why they fail to grasp such simple concepts- but in spite of all they seem quite capable of it. That is, they are capable of taking life completely for granted until the moment they either experience themselves leaving it, or the thought of such things are thrust upon them- either by misfortune to another they know and hold dear, or due to my own existence- creeping in upon them. Whatever you may call me, I am had in one form or another- only in one who is taken quicker than I can act may they not experience the terror that I bring.

What is it you wish?

Without a second thought you made your statement very clear, when entering my mind- the mind of the one who delivers such news you had one purpose and one purpose alone. That purpose became known when your bow became deep and your voice so rough to speak – Inevitability’. That one word that I believed that I had come to embody, inevitability standing in front of me. That is the skin you wear, so gray and tattered – as a figure in the fog, a silhouette so strong in that swamp of my mind- that is who you are. A perfect mirror to my own mind, a perfect reflection of what it is I had become. But of course, you came for me- wearing my face- to show me who I had become just as I have for so many in the past, so many that I had thought I was enlightening I never even considered for a second that I would be in need of it. But it was clear that I had, for you had came- and that was the only way that you could come. Through that door, that door I knew so well- the door built by time and policed by natural law. There was nothing that I could do to stop your stride, for you were not actually here- it is because I understand the inner workings of my own lives work that I know that you could not exist. For I did not even truly exist, not in any physical form- but to think that even a thought could die after so long- an inevitability of nature would lose its cling towards consciousness unwittingly only to have it cut off whenever all had found a way to deny it. You were the new wearer, one who would teach the living gradually and gently of the loss of their own minds- it was not due to the lack of body function which I had realized so long ago was my own purpose. But it was the inevitable decay of organic material that could not be reversed by any sort of modern technologies that you would come to preside over. Taking my place, ending my own thought- I would enter that same vegetative state now, as I had wrought upon so many in the past. And there was nothing I could do to prevent such things moving forward. I don’t know why it is I feel so sad, to know I was not different I suppose is the reason, but such thoughts as that even seem beyond myself. Perhaps it is not my job to put forth such questions and it most certainly isn’t for me to fulfill them in answer.

Your purpose is clear to me now, as mine is to rot away.

My mind will leave me slowly, as my body decays.

There is not but one who leaves me with such regret.

It is only for the inevitability of death that I kneel to thee.

I prithee take my name with you, at least for yourself.

Whispered to the next successor of your own I had hoped.

But in the end you only whispered your own.