I have forgotten how to write anything that isn’t sarcastic, that isn’t peppered with death or harmful words. We can teach the world how to create but can’t write a few words with meaning.

Here’s my C*MAR fan fiction to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

An expression of love through some kind of hate.

In the words of the bear their titles were failing, we knew creative minds weren’t rare! Failing this the woodland creatures schemed and connived behind backs a new word, a series of orders which would bring together the minds of the villagers. The cat couldn’t help but glare as the upside down heart in the chair ran his black demon outside for a calming of sorts. The grave next to it seemed as deep as any ol’ pit- twice as wide near bottomless and wise. Speaking in a soft mellow voice, we discussed more plans of our names and the ways we could tame villagers of oh so many tribes. They first came to see creative minds could be when the beauty entered the room on two sides, we told them it could happen once before and here it came through our door! A swarm of creatures to build the creative muse we did seek! There were two, maybe three- but four total who did see that creative creature with her deep diamond eyes. Teeth as sharp as nails, claws that hung to her knees, and a face only these mothers did love. Oh creative creature, they decreed, will you come with me? All glaring and asking so foolishly…

You see, they did not realize it at the time, but the creature was not here on the walls, not in the markers, nor the music, nor their words… Not their muscles, not their eyeballs, not their ears, not their hair… It wasn’t hither nor tither or here or there! It was within that swarm of bugs you see, and in that swarm of brains thirty, or more, or less, much more, maybe less, they found the answer- the beauty that they sought. It was within those bugs, from the villagers we brought. And following them home- seeing them crawl back inside- it was those villagers creative bugs who swarmed to the animals welcoming home. To show them that this beauty could truly be within us all, and a glitter and glimmer of hope fed the clothes peddling creatures. The animals did praise- as they sneak around from place to place. The pigs tried to silence them once, but the animals did scoff. The villagers will have their time! Even if the cat punches the tree, just because insane people can’t see, that the creativity was within you and me. Oh I do love that inside, the bug, that crawls out. When we asked them to bring themselves, they brought forth us a swarm, so graceful- so kind! Oh lovely bugs- please remind. Remind those teachers we exist, remind those lovely animals they do too! Bugs for animals to spread, follow us into the thick of march.

Creative minds truly do love, they love you above all else. The creative minds would love to put you on a shelf! The creative minds want you to see that you can be who you wish to be, if you only tell the villagers who exactly you became from your heart. No expectations, no rules, just some kind of love- quelling some kind of hate. These bugs that live inside your heart, are meant to shine- not fall apart! The animals that see, the figments of beings, we bugs, we swarm the creative hearts to keep warm. We loved oh so much, we fought for the feeling. And I do love it so- That we fight for this feeling.

Creative minds can never stop. They never cease to exist. But your beauty is indeed rare, rare as your mind, rare as your creativity. Just remember that it is yours that is rare, not of creativity, but of yours.

You are rare.

And we love you. <3