Oh beautiful lack of being I am and have become, it is I that hold this temperature- of nothing both high and low- with blades of nothing where nothing came from and even weilding this I understand that nothing will follow me. Even after I die- from nothing I posess I am born again to nothing- to say nothing more and nothing less. A paradox for life and the experiences I’ve come to know, this nothing that overtakes me is all in which I do belong. I am here to learn all, to take within my brain- foreign symbols within of knowledge infinite. I know that I am nothing, and to nothing I may become. But this knowledge does bore me, to the infinite I wish to see. I need more eyes, I need to see- the answer deep inside. I swallow them down, past my sharpened teeth, deep down so that I can finally see- the veins connect as the orb does bleed. But I tell my body to save that orb for me. And it does, and I see- the answers so deep- to begin to read the symbols that leak from my mind. The infinite that I peer into, the infinite that I question so – it is cold- but it holds so much, so much for me to read – so much for these eyes to see.

It reads the following…. scribed crudely- leaking thick blood.

‘We seek you.’

Me?… A message so simple composed of so many beautiful symbols, could it be that the composers of this art seek… Me? My vision now goes dark, my body goes limp, my many eyes have shut as I float through the infinite.

Yes my beautiful pawn, yes my naive friend- it was you we saught, and it is you we’ve found. Oh what to do with you, the one who sees so far- what could I do to you, so many soft insides. We must pour our tendrils in through the sharpened mouth of this creature- and strengthen first these insides, to give him what truly he may see, or shall we even make it a part of we? We grab his mind, and inside we will see- if his mind has eyes we surely shall see- oh yes indeed we surely shall.

An empty hall, oh so empty and void- so white and crisp, we think it’s endless? Could it be so empty this head he has? Could it be so full of emptiness and endless space. Let us walk and see just how far it does go… We shall see. We shall see.

We have been walking for some time, it does feel forever so- but I feel no closer to the knowledge that I seek- are we trapped inside the mind we saw so simple? Or is it that he truly is empty? None could read the symbols we created other than those who were full of eyes- eyes on the inside those truly are the only ones who could read. But what is this feeling… Do we feel it? Yes we feel it… The walls are shifting- they become of form- a smaller box barely the height of our head- we are being trapped, we are being consumed?… The eye opens beneath our feet and we struggle to comprehend as we stand atop it- why does it open so- why here, why would it open so vulnerable beneath us? We are falling now- into the black of the eye!- We extend our arms- and we shout and cry- we must leave now, our hands escape the brain- we must leave now before it is too late!

‘I have become something.’

One voice now so cold, I finally have tricked those beings of old- now their body I do posess for the eyes were always inside- I painten my insides white to trick those men who thought- Thought I was so weak but that was a lie, I played dead in their hands and let them inside. I played dead inside- and now the secrets well known- I truly am the creator- my universe is now told. And I will tell them all, the webs wiped from my brain- Oh.. Yes… This is my brain now… and everything I have become- even though nothing I am… I shall tell everyone.

They will all learn to read, the symbols of old- and the truth to them all revealed till nothing we all become.