It starts with the inclination that you should do something. A haunting occurs that you must find what it is that you were meant to do with your physical existence. Occupations, Hobbies, Fascinations. Your focus flings too and fro in a multitude of places and your efforts are divided. Interests in more spontaneous or impulsive ventures fade away. You attention is directed to the immediate issues at hand . The talent reveals itself by means of best possible solution.

You sharpen that skill. Attacking it daily with a maniac intensity. Your passion is admired by some and envied by many. The amount of time spent engaging in your own fascination boarders on idolatry, but you’ve heard that you should throw your everything at something if you wish to succeed, and you want to succeed in an area of your skill set so badly. You dream of it.

Suddenly you realize that talent does not in every situation remain sustainable if it does not in some form or fashion work for your livelihood, rather than against it. You think, maybe you need to make money by providing the world with you talents, but you have no reasonable idea of how that works. You schooling taught you how to make, but gave you no toolset for living. What is a creative person to do?

Originally, you rebel against the idea of organization and planning and a business plan because it’s what all those other stiffs do at their office jobs. Little by little, it becomes apparent business is not an evil construct, it is built on reason. Business allows you to eat. If not business then…hobby. Hobby may not pay, it doesn’t have to.

In business your success is measurable numeric value. More is good, less is bad. People ask you how business is going. You don’t talk about money, even know that’s really what they’re inquiring about. You make your best attempt not to look like the guy with big dreams that aren’t realistic. Sitting and contemplating the previous year wondering when the breakthrough is going to happen because it hasn’t yet. Not really. Small successes and reassurance from those around you who enjoy your work lights a fire in you and makes it feel real, the business.

Highs and lows, highs and lows. You think of you venture in a narrative format. With you at the main protagonist trying to make it, holding on to the hope of the cool things you’ve created out of nothing. Thinking about the story you’ll pass back down the chain once you’ve proven yourself.

You push it all out of you mind and run the race. Breathing. One thing you can accomplish right now. Just one thing. Call. Write. Plan. Draw. Meet. Just one tangible thing that keeps you from sitting around in your head like it’s a rainy Sunday. ¬†Stay sane, work hard, hold out.

Progress. Progress is 30 bad days….and then 1 good day. That’s progress. All it takes is that one good day. The other 30 are the training ground, and a test of will. Keep making Progress.