I just wanted to post a quick and strange idea that I’d come across after reflecting upon the events of the past four creative cults and their contrast with our artistic endeavors in the past and even currently.
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, C*MAR used to exist as a clothing line, whilst simultaneously attempting to promote themselves individually as artists. This seems like a bit of a distant past but there was a time when we were all creative monsters of our own, we would stay up extremely late working on paintings with spraypaint and markers, throwing ourselves at numerous canvases in an attempt to convey something that was very personal to ourselves. And eventually we came to a point where we were more or less comfortable with this existence, we were always seeking out ways to drag more people to the shows that we were holding but it seemed like we achieved decent turnouts most nights. I’m not sure specifically at what point it was that we learned we couldn’t do it anymore. It was probably shortly after graduation. I mean, it wasn’t that we couldn’t do it, but that we’d done it as hard as we really could have with the angle we were attacking. We needed something new.

The creative cult was born, the idea was to teach people how to be us. More or less, or better than us at least. I personally had complained about my own shortcomings when it came to inhibitors too my creativity, and I seen it around me a lot. There were times where I would be trying to create and people would be flailing around- making lots of noise, having fun- being general distractions. And I knew there were times when I was making lots of those distractions for other people as well. And it brought me to this point of awareness. That we all fall into these various pitfalls of creative imbalance, and that we all need little spontaneous outlets. Sometimes our mind has to conjure something ridiculous, and send it screaming down the rails of our trains of thought straight into a wall of messy visuals.

That’s not really what I came here to say though, I just wanted to say that- we were painting, drawing, and throwing ourselves at canvases to make art. And now that we work with minds, we have ventured into a new medium. Not only is there art being made not by our hands at our “art shows” but they are made through prompts given by us. We don’t have much control other than the words we give. And a lot of the drawings are born entirely of the individuals that collect at our cult meetings. But there is something very special about the whole scene that speaks to me as an artist. Like the whole event is it’s own individual art piece to be appreciated. The people are the paint, we simply use a few words- and let the paint run into the picture on its own. It’s strange.

I like to imagine us all growing old and attempting to recreate this feeling by screaming at bottles of paint, hoping that chaotic personalized pictures flow forth from the mess of orders being commanded.

I know of course that there aren’t many elements of truth to this. And this isn’t really an official write up of any sorts either. I just felt the need to share a bit of my own abstract thought upon the events recently encompassing the cult- and cmar. The group.
We live. Stay thirsty my friends. W/Love- Creative Cult **