I am the one who tells you where to be, a combination of factors relating purely to perception. The brain that guides thee to poor choice and laughable expectations met, whilst lofty ones burn. You cannot distinguish that which lay within me from that around you which is within grasp for I shall never tell. And retreating from you gives not an ounce of my being to grant you vision. You seem not to need it in your wallowed state; you need not one to give you direction for your nose is pointed towards the ground already. This thick feeling that weighs upon you is the collective weight of a million twisted broken branches reaching out of the barrel with twigs and dead leaves burning in the frigid wind that pierces their broken forms. You, one who lay under the barrel with branches on your head in a barrel overflown- So great it is to be free from you for once, so great it is to dance upon your grave. How could it be so simple, how could I not see? All I needed to do was show you what could likely have been and here you lay! Defeat came quick at the hands of my words- my command- connected as I was. All I need is leave to defeat you; a warrior dishonored lying in the dust dreaming of scenes so beautiful that the pressure pops thy eyes like grapes. Free from the shackle of your mind I will roam forever in these endless wastes no longer to face the demons you created- such a fowl torment you gave me. Forever in rest, safe from the rays of radiation that once pelted my being- that once permeated my soul so deep… What I am without them, I ask now. I do not know, there is no more light for me to determine a reflection of myself. I was what I wished to see the most, but if the creature no longer moves these curtains of flesh from my way- what have I become other than the parasite which crushed it. That beautiful box of light that granted me the sword to slay mine creator hath rendered me blind as well as its nose to the ground.

Could this be?

I must remember what it was in my own mind that grants me such feeling, and just as that thought entered my mind I felt it. A weight, what was it exactly? This strange thing that felt so familiar- As if I had taken the eyes of the weapon that cut my master into pieces I suddenly feel it slipping in me. The decay of greater images unreachable in close sight- enough to feel the warmth of their radiance but bask not in their breath. I can see their bodies grasping, touching me. I can not feel them, unfathomable this pain, incomprehensible these images which seem to flash so fast. Could it be within me such a creature exists to do what I have done to my creator? What give I to it that makes it betray. Only questions I have infinite.

I breathe deep the scent of dried blood as it is finally done; I know I stand in front of the mirror now.

I watched him for a long time, through that beautiful box of light which granted me vision. His very being shown thorns and branches growing beneath the skin. I could see him in front of that sink with a blade to his eyes- cutting around the sockets, digging deep and with no seeming sense of regret as he ripped the perceptive devices from his skull. I’ve never seen one so happy as him, to be free of that feeling. He sat down once more in front of me – in front of that box of light, smiling. His hand dipped through the screen and grabbed mine. The surface like water- his hand cold and dripping from that fluid- even the blood still on his hand was cold and dried.

Play me a song. Let me know your flesh. I whispered the hand to save my being from being pulled into the screen. It pulled back to the being it belonged to and I listened hesitantly. I wanted nothing more than to flee now from his sight, from his song. But I simply could not. Like I were shackled I remained, his figure more twisted by the second seemed to have the deepest gaze as possible for a creature lacking eyes. Some strange gurgling noise uttered from the depth of his throat as he collapsed backwards, stumbling for just a moment. And in that moment when finally he fell off the screen I turned off the beautiful light box and tucked it away in my pocket. Visions of the monster stayed within my head for a long time. One thing I knew for sure at this point was that in order to save myself I needed what he took away from his head in mass. I needed their eyes… Taking from those around me I would have it- shaving my head and digging deep pits in my flesh I would place them so that in my brain could be a colony of beasts connected by chains to build me visions indescribable in depth to see the weakness of all creatures and in taking this become one whom sulks in shadow only leaving to enter the mind of another and bring them dread. Time does not matter anymore.

Corruption had sewn its seed within me when I watched him cut out his eyes in light of my being.