I write it all down. Since Introduced to this method of creative capturing back in 2013, I have not ceased.

If you write it then you can return to the idea/concept again and again. You can mutate that idea into further iterations. Everything you tuck away in a journal is useful latter in the development of creativity. I firmly stand by the thought that; in order to know where you’re going, it helps to know where you’ve been.

I am not focused or intelligent enough to keep good ideas lingering in my mind. They will almost inevitably be pushed out by my own immediate desires or hunger or random fancies. Writing down my thoughts to revisit them latter is necessary for me, but also incredibly fun!

So get a little notebook, and start recording your creativity every day, little bit by bit. Ideas good and bad. Drawings simple and complex. Lists of tasks. Tiny objects. Poetry. Schemes. Prayers. Meditations. Make it happen.




Notebooks as of May 2016:

Drawing with my little cousins. We prompted a thing the other person should draw.

Dani is 8 years old.



Marilyn Manson Tunes, and observational drawings.



Brainstorming themes for the kids mural at Revolution Church.



Drawing with my beautiful girlfriend.




Giant Starbucks Siren attacking the City of Columbus. Travesty.




Tasks, Icons, Logos. Truisms of Tim Sherman.




Keep stickers.




Write it down. Write it down.




Cult Logo original brainstorming.



Heather is Study Master. Sock snowman conscious and in lament.




Creativity Cult earliest concept.




Dad’s truck. “incase” logo.




A demon lives inside your fired extinguisher.



The Gaga and Fizz.




Stick on pocket from another packaging. Took Advantage.




Get a little book.

Start writing.

All note books shown provided by https://fieldnotesbrand.com/