One is not completely themselves until they have rebuilt themselves beyond a number they can comprehend- and only then when breath has left them Рcan their retrospective identity as a combination of the monuments they built stand as a reflection of their true selves.


In the world of agriculture the rotation of crops is used in order not to drain the soil of any particular nutrient in order to reduce the erosion of soil as well as bolster yields through increased fertility. As with the way of nature so to must we rotate our own schedules that we may not become drained in any particular aspect of life, it is true that some thrive off of schedule and form- and for some, this predictable way of life is a goal as noble as any other and I am not here to deny them their success. I am simply here for those who crave change in a world that demands from them consistency- for there are many many ways to achieve this change whilst still granting the world the consistency that it desires. I will lay out a number of steps and followed by description of execution of the steps and their potential benefits.

1.) ‘A change of scenery’.

Section 1) – Definition – To change ones scenery will involve the peripherals of any given living space a simple rotation, cleaning, or moving- which may involve any or all of the following. The moving of furniture, the physical moving of local, the cleaning of a house or workspace, and the decorating of that house or workspace.

Section 2) – Example / Execution – In order to execute this outside of my work environment I have in the past re-arranged all the furniture in my living room/lounge area to allow a different feel when I am relaxing. I have also done this by moving my workspace from one corner to the other- while some people may not have this luxury I find that there is always at least one place you may have control over- even if it is a living room, dining room, or even just your bedroom.

Section 3) – Benefits – I am certain there is much more to it than what I will say, but there is something incredibly refreshing about changing the peripheral view of any given activity- you still incur the same schedule as you would any other day but suddenly new vigor is found- like the refreshing scent of a new book- there is simply something primally satisfying about the change of local which I highly recommend as a first step to clearing out some creative cobwebs- or even just the general tired feelings you may get returning from any scheduled activity- especially if you are allowed to do this within the environment of that activity- like swapping work stations with someone, or offices/cubicles if it is condusive to your workspace.

2.) ‘Structuralized Rotation’.

Section 1) – Definition – This is a way of introducing chaos and fresh feeling into the life of one who prefers to be highly scheduled and efficient. More often than not this simply involves planning in an obtuse way and scattering that plan throughout one or even two weeks. To allow oneself the satisfaction of following the plan, whilst the body and mind enjoys the fresh nature of non-routine activity.

Section 2) – Example / Execution – I do not have a very routine schedule myself but this would simply involve rattling the schedules of one already in place, instead of waking up in the morning and having coffee and breakfast in my house I would run out and grab a coffee at the local shop with maybe a biscuit or something- or invite a friend along to do the same- but schedule this different activity on several different dates- so tomorrow I meet a friend at the coffee shop, the next day I walk there and enjoy one on my own, and the day after I have it in my house- And I keep this rotation going, sometimes changing when it happens in a seemingly random but scheduled way. This allows any given activity which can have variation- to have variation, whilst making the body not entirely adjust itself towards any praticular activity- which would in turn keep it fresh!

Section 3) – Benefits – Without repeating myself too much, this more or less will benefit the one who is growing tired of a schedule- but psychologically desires and may even need the schedule. To introduce chaotic planning, but accurate planning, in the life of one who lives and dies by the schedule would indeed be something at least WORTH giving a try, variations of the same thing on any given activity are the name of the game- give it a try if you fit the need.

3.) ‘Creative Exertion’.

Section 1) – Definition – The act of exerting oneself in any given period of time at any given task which would require creative input- and thus would drain oneself of pent up creative energy or a jump-start to a creative activity

Section 2) – Example / Execution – This is something I do all the time when creating my own pieces, what I often will do is set out a piece of paper and just start scribbling, once I am done scribbling I will turn the random lines and strokes into recognizable and subsequently meaningful shapes and things- creatures and machines… This allows me to approach a blank canvas as if it already was filled with an image I never even visualized before-hand. It more or less extends and jump-starts my creative action all at once, the act of sketching without much pre-planning which then turns into a creative overextention of solving a problem of a mess of lines and turning it into an image

Section 3) – Benefits -This is the sort of thing that would seemingly only benefit one creating art, but I would argue it does very well to clear up the tired heavy weight that all feel when sticking to schedule rigorous and boring. What also could be executed during this time if one is not inclined towards creative activity- would be anything that involves puzzle solving- though I would highly recommend taking your hand at creating new worlds through art I understand not all are inclined towards this- and one of the best puzzles I can recommend is the act of creating one yourself which is difficult but possible to solve. This is an excellent way to creatively exert yourself without being able to run out of fuel- as standard puzzles may not present the same creative exertion as one would feel when creating one themselves.

Yes- It’s all a bit of a mess and a ramble, but all of these are methods of destroying the structure that you have built- through a separate structure. All the methods above are positively building- and rotating the activities that your brain comes across in daily life- this will allow new ideas to form and keeps the mind in tact and ready to act in the future.

Hope that this helps any and all who would read, and if not- I’m glad you took the time to consider it anyhow.

Much love, from June- Of the Creative C*ult. </3