There is something to be said about the ability to transform ones ideas to a large variety of mediums effectively, you could simply say that they are multi-talented but I would simply refer to them as an artist- as any other, perhaps a greater one for their comprehensibility- but an artist nonetheless. Not to be placed upon a magnificent pedestal simply for their ability to translate themselves to various mediums, but rather place them in adoration for the content of those pieces. I do believe that one person who is amazing at translating what they wish in only one medium could easily be superior in raw talent to one who can translate what they kinda want to say in several. That being said, I also have some theories upon why other artists might struggle with working in other mediums, and creative solutions to those potential problems that would arise. But more importantly than all that, I’m here to talk to you about the creative block. That non-descript amorphous thing inside of each of us that prevents us from moving forward with an idea, and that can directly impede our ability to think straight. It can lead to headaches, frustration, depression, and in the worst cases it can lead to a complete abandonment of the arts. The creative block truly is a mighty problem faced by all at one point in time- for one reason or another.

In order for the creative block to exist it requires one of a variety of things to happen- although this can effectively vary greatly I will offer some common examples to relate. The creative block could manifest from an idea that must be conveyed by an artist, for example- you were paid by your best friend to make their band logo- you’ve accepted their payment and told them you’d be right on it!’ as your enthusiasm wears off, your brain hits a wall- and you can’t shrug it off. You want to make something good- something great, and you can’t escape this task. Getting locked into that task is a great way for the creative block to form. Ironically it can also form from having too much room, or being unpaid, the brain will prioritize survival- and if survival doesn’t involve making a picture for your slacker friends facebook banner- you could easily find yourself ignoring it- or downright not being able to do it when the block steps in. Another great way for the block to come into existence is simply from looking at others work, other artists who seem much more capable and technically efficient to you- you look at their work and you instantly know what they are trying to say- or are lost in their instructions to make you lost- they are far too effective for you to comprehend- and you can’t stand to look at your own art in the wake of this…

These things all create ‘The Block’-

The block isn’t particulary easy to describe- as I may have hinted at before- but it is essentially the thing inside your head that prevents you from being able to start – and or finish a piece- it prevents creative work from taking place and will often also inhibit the creative process from developping effectively in ones head. There are many potential solutions to this problem, but as always I will be looking at what I believe are some of the best approaches.

Reaching back to the first paragraph I’d like to talk about other mediums again, and how I believe they can be of a great help when being tasked with defeating a creative block that has taken up great roots in your head – we must start from the reason the problem exists at its root- and rip it from its place before it grows any larger- burn it down from the start. Before I get to carried away talking about how I would rip it to shreds- I’ll get back to the whole medium switching thing- and how I think it can be a solution. If you are tasked to make a logo for any company, or a general art piece for a friend, or a piece of music for someone you really like- and face a great creative block- take the idea that is causing you to bash your head against a wall repeatedly- take a crayon and draw very crudely the roughest piece you can think while keeping it in your head who it’s for. Sit next to an instrument you can or can’t play if you need to restore a photo- and play out how you think it should look. Just make sure above anything else- that you are removing yourself from the medium you would normally work in for the piece you are creating, and make sure that you are expressing how you either visualize the creative block in your head through that medium- or a vague idea of what you wanted to create- or you can ignore all of this and just do what you think you feel. The point is to make movements, the point is to just be creating something- even if it is something completely unrelated to the task at hand- it will inevitably move the block out of your head- it will leave room for great creations- because traces of the piece you create- regardless of your skill level with said medium- will almost always influence or at least plant the seed of a new idea- at least the will to create once more in a medium you are most comfortable with-.

And it just might show you that you can translate your idea into other mediums… and if it can’t- that isn’t even the end goal anyways… You just need to destroy that block… to remove it- whatever speed is probable.

This is all conjecture.. Just consider it June’s choice- give it a try next time you come up against ‘The Block’