The brain wanders, the brain is dry, work is endless, work is monotonous. Let us create again.

Without much thought it seems that there is much that one could put forth creatively. Even with minimal effort, or rather- without arduous and strenuous thought could come highly profound ideas. Ideas that could flow even possibly easier due to the absence of mind that could come with working a long and tiring shift of work. There is something special about this state of mine, this sort of emptyness that co-incides with doing the same sort of task for many hours upon end. It is a rare sort of zen to reach, a rare state also to find yourself appreciating, as it so often is associated with the sore muscles or strained pain of monotony. There is of course a bit of pain to go along with this sort of state of zen. After many hours though- and even in the midst of your impending relief, you must always keep yourself sharp- you must be ready to create at the end of the day. Even in the wake of many tiring hours, for it is most important above that necessity of your pain and empty mind, that which would follow it- to be that which you love. For if one is to do what it is they love, many unpaid hours must be dumped- and a creativity infused with those will turn those hours into highly productive ones. – For the only thing worse than the many thousands of hours independent creative projects may consume, is having to do that twice over because your brain simply is not ready for that creative process, or it goes about it at a time where you would not be prepared to dish out such creativity. It is important then I would assert, that you would find time to catch and store all creative thoughts you could in preperation of the next creative project, the next creative burst you have to put forth. And I would say that in the dryest, the most painful- dull moments of the day could come your best ideas- Whenever monotony is at its peak, for the only thing that the brain can conceive aside from that which would be relieving towards thyself would be – I argue – Pure. This level of purity in thought is something that is easier to achieve at this level, due to what I think is a sort of easier split within thyself. For everything outside of the ideas of immediate pleasure- Which are easy to identify, would be purely in themselves seperated from the idea of the self pleasure.

This isn’t to say that you can’t create after moments of intense relaxation, or that you must always seperate any sort of pleasure from your process- this is simply intended for the one who works great hours in he day, and then expects themselves to work upon projects later in that same day where you were expected to put out many things- many hours. And it is not ideal for any to waste time I would think needing to unwind from some sort of exhaustive or repetitive work.

Okay- So, for the time being let’s ignore the ideas behind it and get down to the sheer process of it. What I think it should entail, that is- when it should happen- and how to go about saving some time doing it.

If your work is dangerous, if your mind fails to find a lull, and needs to be on edge- I would of course, not recommend these. However- If your work is not dangerous, and the mind has many chances to wander- allow me to assert the following.

1 – Consider your project – Just to plant an idea of your necessary outcome- What is it that you have been working on? – Is it a comic? – Is it some sort of video game? – A gift for a friend? – A piece of musci?… E.X – I desire to work upon a new series of animations – something to show off my gritty style -I don’t know what it should be of, but that’s the idea- I just need to apply myself creatively.

If you don’t know what your project is, make one up on the fly- what do you want to see, what do you want to become? – Consider your greatest desires, keep those in mind.*

2 – Concentrate upon anything – Think about its function. Use this to set your mind upon the path of function- When you analyze that which has an operative function or place in the world- as anything would- you will find yourself considering how reality works, and also more importantly- how it could work entertainingly different. E.X – There’s some power lines ahead, they connect the cities power supply to the station which generates them- it is a process of carrying, they do it far above- and birds also seem fond of resting upon them. They make loud clicks and stretch far across the fields.

Take the most in

3 – Visualize your project- Walk into the world of your next piece, and look around you- observe the way in which the world works, how beautiful it is- how twisted, how dark. However it is when you view it with your eyes inside your head is excactly how it needs to be portrayed. It is here in this section, if you truly let yourself wander- that your best ideas will come to you… concentrate upon this step the most- this is what you will need to recall after your work is up- just keep looking, building- observing- let the beaten and dry mind you now posess from work- soak up as much as it can within the world of your project. E.X – The world is dark here- aside from human form- which is gloriously bright, sharp sketchy lines permeate the silhouettes of each figure, who in this darkened world find far too many reasons to conflict, senselessly beating each other with bats- while demons feast on their legs-…

If you have problems waliing into your project at this step, looking around it- I would recommend going back to step 1 and 2- and then back into 3 again- this sort of repetition over a long period of time will eventually barefruit.*

4 – Report your findings – It is important as soon as you are physically able, to report what it is you found when you walked into that world- what you seen whenever you sit down and take notes- whatever at the end of your pencil becomes whenever you attempt to display what it is your mind saw in that moment of stepping into the project.. I’d recommend doing as much as humanly possible, as messy as humanly possible at first. If you need to do 10 pages of drawings in a week, do 20 sketches. If you need to storyboard a four minute piece, storyboard it twice- … Do more than you would normally do, just ensure that you do it quickly and with the intent of creating as much if not, twice as much as you think you’d ned.

– At this point your goal is more or less complete, you can go about finishing the grunt work whenever your brain has settled from the mess it just went through- it is simply important at the end of that work day, that you slam out as much as you can- more than you would even in a longer less stressed session, but quicker- messier, with the only intent being to give yourself a base to work off of when you come back to it.

If you can turn everything inside of monotony into an escape into your project- and every moment after that long monotony into a recording of your life within that project- even in only an hour or two. You can soon be relaxing- as your project has been furthered- and your mind sharpened into that which you’ve desired. The business of working many hours – has now become many less simply with the sharpening of your mind , and the quick sketchy recordings of the life you’ve lived within your project.

Consider this just a quick tip, from one who works at many dull things.