There’s a call coming from down the street. It beckons come to me come to me for in here lies the secrets of creativity. Many have heard and few have chosen to walk through the gate that is quickly closing.

But nay, the opportunity always lies within, to excuse yourself and be amongst kin of the broadest art that never claims fin. So friend, wont you, wont you begin?

Riddles are fancy, riddles are nice. The trouble is you missed the point twice, and still yet you read on. How admirable or stubborn are you good reader!

Let me be plain with you then:

The Creative C*ULT lives. It goes from place to place every month, to whomever will house it. The leaders pop up at these places, armed with a creative charisma and the willingness to teach. For an hour they pour themselves out to their participants. Together we all learn how to do and think creatively. We learn how people can work together to create things. We learn how, naturally, human beings can accomplish something significant and new if only someone or something would bring them together to accomplish it. The C*ULT looks back on its adventure of the night and talks about it together, seeing what changed for the better, and seeing how far we’ve come.  There are no negative criticisms because in those times together we realize that we are all grow and pushing. We see faces of new and old in the room and find that we relate on one principle: We’re at the Creative C*ULT.  If you’re at the Creative C*ULT you must be cool because you came and participated and only adventurous risk-takers, or  the unknowing would come to something like this. In turn, community forms, and we all begin to appreciate the efforts of one another. The Creative C*ULT changes you. It teaches you to make something from nothing. It grows the imagination. It  teaches you expression. Finally, you are teaching us. Thank you friends. See you soon.

The upcoming C*ULT gathering is this Tuesday. Feb 21st (8p-9p) @ the PORT CITY CAFE AND PUB.