In order not to waste you’re time I’ll get straight to a break-down here… If you don’t want to hear this, that’s fine- this is going to be heavily opinionated and may not be helpful to you in any way shape or form. All that being said, I think that I need to get this off of my chest, as it has been bothering me for a little while now- bits and pieces may or may not have been etched into previous blogs…

I will be covering the following.

  • 1 – What is the proper balance between what you enjoy being supplemented via occupation, and supplementation of greater income via occupation /// Is it better to pursue what you love, or what pays allows the greatest income in relation to time/effort?
  • 2 – Can the idea of income through the time/effort relation effect wherein you apply your talents, and if so how prevalent might that become? How can you identify this?
  • 3 – Is higher education a waste of time? – Why might, or might not that be?

This will be depressing, this may not even be that helpful. But with all that being said – I must assert my feelings…. So let’s begin…


In the early stages of your adult life you have likely come across- or possibly already dealt with the struggle between pursuing what it is that you truly love and desire to do, with the idea that it would never be fruitful or fulfilling to you financially. That it would be the worst idea for you to pursue this passion due to the fact that there simply seems to be no money within it. That you could not support a family and all of the needs that go along with that family if you did pursue this passion. But, can it really be said that it was your passion to pursue that which you love if it is money which holds the reigns upon your life in the end? If it is simply cash that moves your soul do you not believe that a passionate charge? All of this cynical misleading questions aside- I think that it’s quite simple at this point , and one way or another you wound up pursuing what your base instinct and desire had lead you towards. In my experience we all naturally wind up doing what it is that motivates us, for the ones who cannot do that which motivates us will be crushed towards the bottom, and forced into a spot where we have to either trick our brain into believing that is what we desire- or we must leave due to the effects that this will have on our brain. That is of course ignoring levels of passion, money, and all the effects that could have upon our decision. It is ignoring family, it is ignoring love. So let’s try and take that into consideration for a second, if it is for example- your passion to create traditional paintings but you’ve found that you can barely scrape out your basic payments with this painting passion would it be more crushing to remain within that passion or pursue an office/factory job which would pay several times over the amount that you were being paid before, or even better yet- a job which implements your talent in some ways and also pays more than what you managed to scrape by yourself. Short answer is of course, yes – to all of the above.

It might be depressing to know that making money for other people will be more profitable in the end than pursuing your own goals and desires, but it is a reality that we come to realize and often times accept due simply to our own desired standards of living. So it shouldn’t be said that it is passion versus money, or that passion is endlessly more desirable than the money from your creations- but that your passion is not really your passion or at least it isn’t what you thought it was. And the sooner that might be realized in your life- the better off you may be. I will be covering this more in detail within the next section but it more or less boils down to what you desire to supplement through your life and finding balance within that pursuit.

We trick ourselves into believing we love what we do, for the sake of living the life we wish to live. This is not wrong, nor is it right- it is simply what we must do to survive and live what we perceive a happy and fulfilling life to be. There isn’t a wrong or right here, there isn’t a good or bad- we will all take the places that we need to take and life will move along just as well as before- if it wasn’t your place to pursue your desires you have already fulfilled it within another. I do not mean to talk down to anyone, or decry what anyone wishes to do- simply that there isn’t much of a money versus passion argument- for in the end we as creatures upon the earth will do what we must do to find happiness – to survive. For some income and lifestyle will supplement happiness, whereas others may supplement it through their own personal pursuits. Misery may come through dull work in one hand, and for another sheer lack of sustainability or the crippling burden of debts that can never be paid.

However, In the end we all maintain a similar level of debt- our lives are often filled with mistakes- and with regrets. We must live creatively to avoid certain realities which only serve to depress our standards of living and not better our understanding of life. Random is the spice of life, perception our substance, creation our very breath, and passion or money only a small instrument in our pursuit of our desires.


You do what sustains you, or you pursue what sustains you – you cease to exist whenever these needs are not met and an endless pursuit of existence therein follows. Assuming you are not one pursuing existence and do indeed exist I wish to propose the following relatively depressing concept. Over time I believe that our brains and bodies trick us into pursuing and desiring that which is more sustainable or achieves a higher level of pleasure. Now this isn’t necessarily speaking upon base pleasures alone, but of even admirable ones such as servicing ones country, painting life accurately and beautifully, raising healthy and wise children to capable adults. All admirable, but they are regardless of initial intent built and twisted into us through subversion of our more natural aspirations. Not everybody starts out desiring family, or to serve country, or to paint accurate portrayals of the earth and its inhabitants. We don’t start out doing what it is that fits society’s best interest, we don’t start out doing what builds us into functioning members of a community- that is more or less what we are turned into over time once our initial attempts to do what it is comes naturally to us fails and we are steered towards this from external pressures.

Once again, I am not sitting here to tell you this is wrong, or bad, I actually believe wholly that it is entirely necessary a thing to happen- for if it was that we all pursued our own base desires we may find our communities considerably less functional and hospitable. But I am saying that this is something that we didn’t always want, it is something that is more or less the opposite of your original intent. Small pushes subtly here and there have turned your initial desires, your original ideas- into a friendly and easily digested package. One that attracts more instruments of pleasure into your life that are offered through the society you benefit- the more and more you benefit- the more tools and instruments are heaped upon you with which to act not only more accordingly but of seemingly significantly more value. You will find it is easier to portray your idea after you are beaten into believing they were what you always intended.

Just a bit of self-reflection, just a bit of criticism and negativity to chew upon for what it is I believe I and many around me have become. Something I want to consider breaking out of, something I desire strongly to twist… the end goal is to find a way to contribute just as much to the outside world while maintaining that original passion and intent you always had. We’re not there yet. But I hope it not an impossible goal. And I hope it not too foolish from the outside…


I have much to say about higher education but my writing has begun to make me rather weary so I will attempt to keep this as concise as possible. What higher education offered me other than simply knowledge into my desired focus, and significantly more valuable than that- is an audience for my social behaviors to flourish within. In high school you do not have to interact with people, and if you do- the results are often forced and fake. (Cliche I know… but I believe it true) – In College through your first year at almost any university you will be forced to live together with a group of people, some in the same section as you- some in the same room. This forces you to deal with strangers, with people outside of your family- outside of your typical realm of existence. If you are familiar with these interactions than this might not sound profound- but if you aren’t and have gone through that life experience I would say that you understand of course how significant this is. I would highly recommend finding a way to go off and live at least one semester on campus, maybe two- just to get the living experience out of it- and for no other reason than this.

The life experience that you will be provided through this living will be valuable whenever we look further down the road and attempt to make our original passions into fruitful endeavors that are unsullied by many societal factors whilst still servicing community.


From the mind of death. РDo not rot away, let us be alive together and pursue a more personal future- both outside of and within the communities we exist alongside.  With Love, Creative C*ult Lives.