There are goals we cannot meet, there are times we cannot succeed, there are times when we must fail, there are times when we choose to. There is a constant in the life of one who creates, and that is that failure is an inevitability- even upon the greatest creators of the world who seemed able to do no wrong, in retrospect their greatest creation will seem light-years beyond their worst and their worst will seem a failure even if it is revolutionary. This is not to say that it is okay to fail, but rather that it is impossible to avoid it. No matter where you go the weight of humanity will wear upon you- for as much a machine as we make ourselves to be- the organic nature of our beings will bleed through onto our work inevitably. There will be times where the brain runs dry, but the world dictates it requires more from us, it tells us how to change to become better, and we create pieces the world deems better- but on the inside we resent every brush stroke. We can actively create failures in the process of pursuing success, but in the end only we can determine for ourselves if we have succeeded, and it is this quality of self defeat that can turn the creators inside out and cause self implosion. Where the artist will take the emotional pillars which hold its insides together, the glue which makes it human, and replace it with nothing- simply to feel it collapse in hopes of building something better than who they are from the ashes. There are times when this purge will lead to great art, and it is almost inevitable that it will, but at the same time- such a purge of the self will also lead to great suffering and if the creator is not a phoenix they will only build a pile of their failures from the ashes of their own self destruction.

There is much I can say about this, for I have ripped myself down many times- I may not be a phoenix, but the pile of trash I have built from the many times I’ve blown up on the inside suits me well enough. For the creator who does not rise from the ashes, we must become kings of the trash kingdom we have created, and if we fail to rule over the lands- anarchy will run rampant. It is priority number one to survive this state, if we die in our minds- we die in real life. It sounds really stupid, but I believe this point is true in a sense- if we lose a grip upon what we build in our minds by having our hands wither away to nothing it will be entirely up to the natural forces of our body to keep us in check- and more often than not chance is a cruel mistress, and the pile of organized trash- or even magnificent structures will inevitably be destroyed and dispersed evenly across the floor until a flat grey dust is all that remains. If we stick to life we will always have ourselves, and we will always be able to learn to love the pile of sticks we have, we cannot learn to love those if we have died within ourselves. So I implore all the failures of the world to appreciate the intricacy of their trash heaps, and to not only do this but to become kings and queens within themselves- to become one who resides over the lands and sees to the construction of new monuments of self-reflection. Build something in your mind that lasts a century and it will serve as an inspiration for a century of future buildings- continue this pursuit until you have granted the world a perfect and immortal reflection of yourself. For after your physical form leaves you, and the truth is revealed to you- whatever it may be, your impact upon the world will only amount to what you have given it that no others could. And the true-est reflection of yourself may be the only thing that you can teach the world- especially if you are a failure. Go out and fail, and die, and rot- and let the whole world know what you did- for if you do not, somebody else will- they will not see what you were or what you did, they will not take your inspiration to become themselves and let the world know who they are- and they may die a part of the lonely heart c*ult instead of the creative one. Indoctrinate your fellow human through the successful telling of your failures to the world, inspire them to tell their own- and more important than that- see to it that your failures of creation are gilded in gold within your mind so that fear never enters it when you show it. Every criticism heaved at your golden statue of trash, your great monument of self-reflected failure – is another step towards ever inescapable perfection- and potentially easily attainable success. Slowly your mountains of trash will become inhibited by the most beautiful creatures in the world, creatures of your own creation- from the sweat of your brow grow the crops of the land within your mind- for the beautiful creatures to feast upon and grow and thrive to live over their own slightly better kingdoms of trash.

Become a failure with me, so we can preside over our kingdoms of trash together- and take over the world.

With Love – June of the Creative C*ult