So Ugly She Pretty


I was born in a void, one in which all of existence was and had always been- perhaps it was not that I was born but that I remembered all at once that I did exist. When I looked upon the worlds around me- inspecting their rocks and powerful storms- I found myself intrigued by creatures who clung to existence in pockets of turbulent fires. Observation granted me empathetic visions into their lives- I seen stretched before me the blood of human history in the eyes of families born and stamped out by the weight and strength of an invisible force. Something linked all of them, even those wrought insane by predicament of a poorly constructed mind – whether naturally or artificially. Even those breathing no life upon birth would have an impact, a painful impact to condense their potential lives into the brains of those who felt them fall. There was nothing I could do but watch these creatures exist, through tragedy and defeat all of their lives seemed to amount to a terrible burden that I could not understand for the longest of times. Looking back on it now it is so obvious to me, but at the time- the question of why would often be the most prudent thing inside my own mind. Why do they still keep going, keep living, keep breathing, keep creating- what is this mysterious force I am witnessing that turns all the pains of each of their lives into some sort of forward momentum- a prophetic evolution of capability that leads towards greater emotional understanding-. Until one day it all clicked into place, one theme was ever present in each and every of these humans I witnessed- and that was in the end an understanding of their own ugly emotions. Yes, these insects upon this rock in the middle of space that had clung onto life for so long had come to be empathetic creatures, this was their gain- they seen in the ugly bloody machine of their own progress the story the palm of every hand could tell- the sights each deep set eye could see. Maybe it was not all of them, but those who saw it- you could tell by their actions- in what moved all of humanity forward into what it was, an act of emotional understanding for creation and existence. This vaguely gave the creatures a hope, within despair- that the complexities of existence could paint a picture beautiful enough to inspire the wheels of progress to turn on for eternity. And as far as my eyes could see- the painting was nearly complete- and the creatures seemed to know that their fate was locked deep within that canvas.

When I look back upon the concepts that brought me to this level of understanding I undergo duress in my attempts to connect them logically with coherent thought- but I can explain the following from my own observations. – These are to be taken with a grain of salt of course.

The collective humanity can not be allowed to know with certainty where it is from, why it exists, or to what greater purpose it serves if any. This knowledge would provide humanity a resting point that it must not be allowed to have, the short lives of these beings need be peppered with the spices of the unknown and uncertain lest their minds become dormant and far less capable of the empathy which drives them forward on a whole.

The creatures within humanity are creative – each day unseen sights will become seen whilst known sights grow into age- and the questions of what is left to be seen will be asked. If there comes a day when all is known to all of these creatures- they will be beyond my writing capabilities- either that, or cease to exist under the weight of such knowledge.

Emotions are the spice of humanity, the subtraction of value or addition of value to any given works of truth, or falsehood will cause humanity much success and humiliation in the coming ages. The truth will only come known to them of their past generations- but not of their futures and only partly of their present

Humanity is constantly in a state of change- as time passes innovation is inescapable- and the spirit of humanity will live on in the mind of every new creator.

Above all else, empathy is the single most remarkable trait of the human species. Without their capability to understand the feelings of their fellow human beings, these creatures would not ever find a day of happiness upon them – only days where survival is likely, or unlikely.

Accept that you know nothing, and see with me the beauty of everything, the willing ignorant will run this place with smiles on their face- and I in despair with weight in my heart will hold more value than their empty stare. Because I can feel the emptiness in their smiles, and I know of a vision more beautiful than the countryside they wish to see- it exists deep within the glistening hues of a loved ones eyes. And I do not speak of their physical eyes, but rather of the portal through which they have experienced life- to look into their senses is the most powerful vision. The sound of silence means nothing but for the people who are polluted by noise, the sight of nature pales to those who live within its trees, the sight of the unseen is what you have always desired whether recognized or not- and it is that beauty which is encompassed more strongly through the eyes of empathy than any singly picture can grant.

Some day I will take my place among them, upon that rock in space-


With Love, from June – Of the Creative C*ult