“There is nothing new under the sun.” -the wisest man to ever live. 


It began in nothing. 

The universe began chaos and void. Order was formed, creations arose. Of whom we are the foremost. Made to reign and create and be free.

We are but a shadow, a very thin shadow. Originality is a very old tale told before the beginning of the Universe. The order, the logic, the law, it was all imposed upon us. True creativity,  as it were.

We don’t create, we imitate. 

Themes, categories, truisms, platitudes, cliches, all as inescapable by us as the last 100 generations before our kind.  We are the collection of experiences had by those experiences, and the countless reiterations of the same matrix.

An original idea is collected by the stimulus of 1,000 other impressions. It may be more accurate to call the original idea a mutation.

There is till room for creativity, even if it is not original. 

A friendship opens the door to discoveries of brand new people in the world. A fictional book describes the universe of a place in which you’ve never heard. No two snowflakes are alike. Drawing merits limitless possibility. You can sing a new song, write a new poem, paint a new place, and make a new world.


One can spend a lifetime on a masterpiece of oil-paints. Still, it pales in comparison to the sunset over a field. Man’s works falls hopelessly short of a mist rising in the valley. A single flower, in all its delicacy, came about by the force of an unfathomable.

We can be more than copying machines. We can be story tellers. Inspired by a work that is not our own. We can stare off into the vast expanse of blackness and yell.

We can tell about the nature of ultimate reality. We just can’t create it. 

With Love,

Nick of; Creative C*ULT Lives.