When I grow up I want to be a cartoonist.

When I grow up my cartoons will be the looniest.


W.I.G.U. – I’ll make things like my dad.

W.I.G.U. – I’ll be happy. I won’t be sad.


W.I.G.U – I should start my own business.

W.I.G.U – I’ll be strong enough to begin this.


W.I.G.U. – I’ll live in a cool place with cool people.

W.I.G.U. – I’ll be wise as the church’s steeple.


When I grew up, I had to get a job.

When I grew up, It felt like I’d been robbed.


When I grew up, I didn’t anticipate difficulty.

When I grew up, no one cared to warn me.


When I grew up, I settled for the average life.

When I grew up, what’s so special bout any night?


When I grew up, I forgot what I wanted to be.

When I grew up, I looked in the mirror and it wasn’t me.


Dang man! That’s some depressing stuff right there! I mean gosh darn it….hmmmmph. I mean in my opinion man, we all are where we are at by necessity man, that’s just the way it is man. But dang this dude has a point too, I mean, I don’t really entertain anything that made me happy as a kid man. I heard like, that generally speaking and stuff, doing things you liked doing as a kid  can be a happy thing sometimes man. I could do that man. Maybe I’ll break out the pad and the pen and start doing some cartoons, yeah, even If i don’t show anyone at first. By man, man, if it makes me feel more like me then heck why not you know? First some breakfast though for real I’m die-in bro!


Multiple Personality Disorder is not a joke.

I don’t have it or anything like, it’s all good…..man.

With love, Creative C*ult.


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