A group of Portsmouth art students start doing art together on a regular basis because someone told them they could be creative. Their instructor passes just as the class naturally does after a full semester. This abrupt end seemed to them, premature.

It was up to C*MAR now to be the creative drivers. C*MAR was a made up entity. Enough people suddenly began claiming it was real, so it took on some kind of physical existence.

C*MAR always itched and scratched to create, create, create. It would often lash out in great, laborious rants of king sized sharpie marker. It would, with great anger, paint a surface to the brink of death. This would happen with any surface C*MAR was either obligated or desiring to consume.

Perhaps most disturbing about that C*MAR, was its’ purposelessness flailing about in everything it did. It would churn and create magnificent horrors for weeks, or months on end with no concrete objective. There was no monetary incentive, to perspective, no consideration for its own well being, no mercy….It created because that’s all it knew how to do, all it wanted to do, and all it could do. If C*MAR were able to be honest with itself, it knew this to be true.

C*MAR was questioned by many and appreciated by a few and misunderstood by more yet (not that there was anything to be understood in the first place). C*MAR would just DO, and their was an odd satisfaction to be found in the recklessness. Some would call it, chaos.

I suppose if C*MAR could give an account of itself it might say something of the following: “ I am an estranged result of 4 individuals who should have never become friends. We felt the need to compulsively create our lives as in as much that wasn’t already determined. We suffered in our creation sometimes. All in All, we enjoyed an early phase of artistic endeavor not soon to be forgotten.

Now that I have grown I realize that I, C*MAR, was never meant to last. Rather, I was meant to expand and mature for something better. My full name, ‘Creative Minds Are Rare,’ has a pretension about it that I cannot elude, though I’ve tried.

Once I saw this glaring contradiction in who we were and who we wanted to be, it haunted me. So which is it C*MAR, my good chap? Will you encourage everyone to be creative in their own right? Or…..are creative minds truly rare, few, and hard to come by? Are we Elitists at heart? Do we attempt to crush the attempts of others to create for the sake of our own exclusivity and ego?

No, This is not how C*MAR will be remembered. Creative minds are not as rare as we all think. We need not flatter ourselves with such an assertive truism. IF SOMEONE has but the slightest inkling of creative potential, who are we to discouage that? Why not nurture and encourage instead?

So C*MAR, realizing the task at hand, amended it’s name to the equally as ambiguous, ‘Creative Cult Lives LLC.’ In the spirit of teaching creativity to all who would lend an ear, their time, and their hands.

It was quickly realized that this new thing was far better than before. Out with the old, in with the new. To build, not destroy. To kindle, not extinguish. To include, not deny.

C*MAR is indeed dead, but the Creative Cult Lives, for you.