Winchester the ugly pug found himself running another errand into the unknown. He was used to these situations no doubt. The shuffle of back and forth. The ebb and flow of travel to work to fellowship to travel again. It was a never ceasing effort to move forward. Winchester abhorred the thought of stagnation. His justification for the back in forth quality of his life was that, perhaps it was better to physically move, rather than not to move. Moving has the connotation of progress and opportunity and energy. Not doing so seemed…wrong. It, at least, was not right for him.

Necessity provoked Winchester to the feeling of solitary travel. He knew his own great ugliness, and was often unsettled by it. But on his mornings travels he would see the great beauty of the surrounding landscape, and it would lift his spirits out of the mire. Winchester as a dog, is limited in his rational ability. He had enough consciousness about him to recognize this near…thankfulness…to whatever goodness allowed him such a wonderful morning. He could not be down trodden for the sun reflected off the  the greenery he came across with sensual intensity. Colors, sounds, smells, all were as a breath of fresh air in his little wheezing pug lungs. His 4 legs carried him with a welcomed burn of a traveler. Sometimes he found himself so excited that he would ever let out a short bark of gratitude. How silly he must have looked, barking and enjoying so cliche a moment in life.

A slug crossed the path of Winchester up a little ways further on the road. He started back and nearly jumped at the site of this oddity, for he had never see a slug. Waves of reflective emotion washed over Winchester in a welcomed fit of introspectiveness. I see this great creature, he must of been thinking, and must ask…what makes it go? Of course, it’s green muscle and nature, not too much different from myself. But, what of it’s will? Where does it go, how does it go, and why does it go?  

Winchester thought of the many good things surrounding him , and he could not help buy ask why? As many pugs have done before him. Winchester did not feel as ugly in light of it all.