It has come to my attention over this summer that I have successfully managed to stretch myself thin on almost all areas of my life- but at the same time I’ve also realized that despite this distinct lack of time I’m still able to make schedule just fine and I also have not found myself particularly crushed or exhausted- despite the hefty workload and I think this boils down to one very simple formula. The amount of energy you exert versus time for work- needs to be counterbalanced equally by an amount of “Play”- versus time for play.

Let’s assume that you get approximately 8 hours of sleep- and a generous 1.5 hours of eating/snacking throughout the day. This leaves you with 14.5 hours to do whatever- now obviously you need to pay the bills and that leads us to our next problem- well, what I would call a problem- but that is more or less something which is easily solved – how long do you need to work? What I would argue is that you need to find the perfect balance between working to gain resources of slightly greater value than what you currently would spend- significant enough to cushion you should you need any immediate funds. Let’s assume you split things up relatively evenly with your 14.5 hours- You do 7.25 HRS of work per day on average and 7.25 HRS of “Play”- That multiplied by 7 gives you 50.75 HRS of each- If you work 5 days a week you work approximately 10.15 hours a day with 3.85 hours outside work for “Play”- And then 14.5 hours for two days a week for “Play”- I would argue that this is one of the most ideal situations- as it allows a deceptive balance between work and “Play”- whilst still making It feel like you get a lot of time to do what you want over the weekends- Or whatever day it is you manage to get off. Very manageable, this however- ignores entirely the intensity of the work at hand. Perhaps you’d like to make more than enough money to sustain yourself- so you decide to work a very hard job, it’s exhausting but it pays the bills very well. The 3.85 hours of “Play” during the five days a week is almost immediately absorbed into time that you need for your body to physically recuperate from work as well as handle chores around the house- This means that those 14.5 hours you spend doing actual “Play”- Over the weekend are suddenly VERY important- in that you need to be getting enough recuperation mentally and through joy- to refuel your tank for another taxing week. You need to be able to “Play”- at minimum as efficient as you expend mental and physical energy to be able to sustain your job over a long period of time without decaying into a sort of mental drone… You would have to do this less vigorously if you work less- though having a significantly higher “Play”- than work- will lead to you experiencing too much rest and lead to inevitable stagnation- the balance here is an incredibly important thing for you to achieve. Doing this will allow you to achieve a zen state, the black and white will be in balance- if you “Play” right- But… What the heck does it mean to “Play”- Anyways?…

OKAY SO- Playing, to those who would understand it can mean a whole lot of things- and it will almost never be something that is consistent as working can be- you CAN schedule to be as easy but it may diminish the quality or necessity of play. Play can consist of any or all of the following watching T.V, playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends, Drinking and Hanging Out, Playing Video Games, Going out to watch a new Movie- , going on a vacation to an amusement park, any hobby you find enjoyable, going to a concert, and even participating in a Creative C*ult meeting (TM TM TM TM TM TM)….. All jokes aside, it should  be easy after you come up with a list of things that you enjoy to do, things you enjoy spending your time on, to figure out which ones will be best balanced and where you should arrange them according to which one is going to be the most relaxing and refueling to you- and fun- balance all of those values to create a list and perform that list based upon your needs. Don’t overload anything in particular- and if you find yourself overloading a lot you may want to either put some more work on yourself- or  try to find a way to work a little harder.

As far as being able to tell when you’re getting too much of one or the other- when you’re at a “Play”- moment ask yourself if you dread the coming work that you have- are you enjoying yourself- Do you sleep well enough? – If you fail to sleep well, you are quite possibly working too hard, if you find yourself completely bored with “Play”- you may be very well not working enough. It’s a difficult thing to find balance in this life, and it’s not something that I can say I’ve ever been able to maintain too well- but in my opinion- it’s something worth pursuing.

That’s all for me this week. Sorry I’m a bit late- Hope you enjoyed or took SOMETHING from this.

W/Love-  From June of the Creative C*ult Lives. </3